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Re: are we psychic!
Reply #205 - 12/30/16 at 18:11:53
when you are ready, the guides will find a way to contact you. We change and they know it. My first guide was a Mandarin whose job, I found out, was to take on newbies and guide them into the spiritual life. Then he stood back and my main guide, the one who will remain with me, arrived, a Mayan priest-king. They both waited until I was ready to work with them.

Patience and trust and learning as much as you can about spirit work is the advice I am receiving for you right now. They are waiting to move forward and work with you and through you but you have to be ready for them and you're not there yet. Patience in that way, trust when they arrive and the learning, that never ends.

Hope this helps.
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Re: are we psychic!
Reply #206 - 03/10/17 at 01:26:05
I've heard my name called out also .. have never been able to figure out why.  Sounds like a familiar voice, but not one I can name.  I don't get it either!
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