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Question: Do you believe in Spirit guides?

YES, I know who my Guide is    
  110 (20.9%)
Yes, I know who my Guides are    
  128 (24.3%)
Maybe, stuff happens to make me wonder    
  93 (17.6%)
NOT sure, undecided but I would like to :-/    
  189 (35.9%)
No I don't believe we have spirits guiding us    
  7 (1.3%)

Total votes: 527
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Re: Who is your guide?
Reply #790 - 03/13/17 at 02:59:05
Rose Rivers wrote on 03/10/17 at 14:51:08:
Syania, good to see this post, thank you.
Spirit only come when we are ready. They've been ready for years, their patience is endless, waiting for the right time to come to us. It shows you're progressing, it wouldn't have happened otherwise.

Yes Rose I couldn't agree more. Thank you for your kind words. Another interesting thing I noticed happened recently as well. My friend took me to a crystal store about 2 years or so. One of things he bought me as a gift was a tiny piece of Moldavite. I recently went back to that store because I wanted to see if they had any Lumerian Quartz because I kept hearing about this crystal and I got a really nice piece. My plan was to meditate with this crystal for a week and write down my experiences. Instead I was drawn to the moldavite. Something I've had for years! Something I knew to be a very powerful stone and I never felt ready to use it. It was like it called to me because I was ready =) at least that's the way I like to look at it =)
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Re: Who is your guide?
Reply #791 - 03/13/17 at 12:02:05
moldavite is lovely, very powerful, good vibration comes from it. Yes, we are drawn to what is right for us. You have much in common with the attributes of this crystal. Check it out on the Internet.
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