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ABOUT *A picture = 1000 words*
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We all receive mental impressions when looking at a picture or photograph. What story is the picture telling you? On the surface we tend to 'read' facial expressions or others things about the face, the person's attire, their body language or posture, and what they are doing in the photograph to develop an opinion about what is happening. If you spend time picture reading its possible imagine a story about the person, place or thing in question.

Taking it a step further, Photo reading is Psychometry; you are focusing on a picture and getting impressions. Working with the photo of someone you do not know is often a interesting way to develop your skills, as you are unbiased. Relax and listen to your thoughts as you hold the picture in your mind. What impressions do you get?  

Anybody here interested in practicing Photo readings is invited to participate in this board.

Limit: PLEASE, ONE photo PER month.
            Unfortunately a limit is necessary

                                              Think ethics ok, the onus is on you to get permissions to post pics of others.
                                                              Some readers will back away from third party photo's.  
NOTE: If the photo posted is a deceased person, please say so at the time the photo is posted.
Any photos that cause distress or are inappropriate will be removed and the poster will be contacted.

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