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Question: What have you lost in your life

  46 (7.9%)
  22 (3.8%)
  14 (2.4%)
  12 (2.1%)
  7 (1.2%)
  48 (8.2%)
  67 (11.5%)
best friend    
  32 (5.5%)
  20 (3.4%)
  6 (1.0%)
  59 (10.1%)
  23 (3.9%)
  24 (4.1%)
  41 (7.0%)
  52 (8.9%)
  28 (4.8%)
  15 (2.6%)
  21 (3.6%)
  26 (4.4%)
will to live    
  22 (3.8%)

Total votes: 585

In life what have you lost?
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #15 - 09/19/10 at 23:39:50
hi everyone ive recently lost 2 babies through miscarriage first 9th may second 24th aug this year r.i.p mummy loves you both xxxxxxxxxx Cry
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We For Animals
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #16 - 09/20/10 at 21:05:48
I believe that the list of losses changes with each person. What is a greater loss - a spouse, a child, a parent, a friend, a pet? The intensity of grief is related to our own hearts and spirits. We feel what we feel and there is no one or can, or should, tell us otherwise. I can only say "I'm so sorry" to all of us who has lost someone or something. I have lost my husband (the love of my life), my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, many pets, cousins, friends and friendships.
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #17 - 08/05/11 at 23:44:45
Recently just lost my Fiance, I've never had anyone so close to me die.
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I Love Spirituality
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #18 - 10/20/11 at 21:26:30
One should not have to watch everyone who they love so much, die. But I have had to do it many times these last 6 yrs. When my life long friend Jan died of a sudden heart attack, I was devastated. Paced the floor, panic attack, could not breathe, had to walk the dark road for hours just to exist. Then 2 mos later, my beloved dog Dahmingo bled from her rectum. Rushing her to the vet, I had to have her put down as the cancer she was fighting got worse. I still to this day, feel so alone without these 2 special loves in my life. Then I watched my dear mom die. I lost 10 dear people in a short time leaving me alone and wanting to die too. Then I was taken to ABT and this site saved me and gave me a reason to live. The pain of loss will always be there but I know now my loved ones, especially Jan, are with me. I now look forward to death.
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #19 - 10/20/11 at 22:03:14
On June 12th of this year, my beautiful 18 year old daughter, her handsome 20 year old fiance and my precious 11 month old granddaughter were suddenly and tragically taken. Suddenly my heart was torn from my chest and shattered into a million pieces...denial, anger, grief, depression, anxiety attacks, fear of leaving the house alll piled up on me like a heaviness I have never experienced.  Life is never going to be the same for me again....our family chain was ripped apart that horrible day and has left a gaping hole in all of us who are still here on earth.

LOSS???  Oh yes it was huge!!  But lately I have been thinking, and I suddenly realized, yes I have gone through a tragic loss...but what have I gained from all of this??

That was definately a hard one to swallow, because in the throws of grief, we rarely stop to think what we have gained.

1.  Yes I have lost part of my precious family, but I have gained 3 beautiful angels that will forever be a part of me

2.  Yes I have lost my precious loved ones, and no more will I see them walk on this earth....but have gained a greater faith in that I know they are walking with God in His beautiful Home, never will they have to experience hurt, pain, suffering and grief that we have had to go through.

3.  Yes I have lost the day to day enjoyment of hearing my daughter laugh, watch her daily growth as a mother, see her marry, possibly have other children...watch my granddaughter grow, talk, play and laugh.  But I have gained a stronger trust because I know one day I will be with them again, will be able to hug and kiss them, talk to them or laugh with them when it's my time to leave this world.

So....yes I have gone through a dramatic loss....but oh what I have gained!

Blessings to all

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