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Question: What have you lost in your life

  46 (7.9%)
  22 (3.8%)
  14 (2.4%)
  12 (2.1%)
  7 (1.2%)
  48 (8.2%)
  67 (11.5%)
best friend    
  32 (5.5%)
  20 (3.4%)
  6 (1.0%)
  59 (10.1%)
  23 (3.9%)
  24 (4.1%)
  41 (7.0%)
  52 (8.9%)
  28 (4.8%)
  15 (2.6%)
  21 (3.6%)
  26 (4.4%)
will to live    
  22 (3.8%)

Total votes: 585

In life what have you lost?
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #20 - 10/23/11 at 00:09:06
wow Ginny, Have you grown so much in these last few months. I hug you and hug you. You wrote these things you have gained from your heart that is coming back together. I thank GOD for showing you your gains my dear friend. I too, know, that I will be with my loved ones again and there will be no more heartache, chronic pain, etc. Just LOVE and happiness with whom we now miss so much. Smiley
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #21 - 04/02/12 at 05:37:54
I chose grandparent (all 4 of them but mind you 1 died before i was born!) best friend (only just died i found out 2 days ago!) pet (quite a few of those some went missing a few died!) relationship (lost 2 caused tonnes of heartbreak I'm awaiting my twin flame who i've found but am not with yet!) faith (life keeps kicking me in the teeth and has all my life so that's a very hard one to keep hold of!!) will to live (I've lost this one a million times in my 26 & a half years thus far!  Cry

happy lil' bunny aren't I?! >_<
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"It's gonna be a bumpy ride, but it sure beats standing still, I know we can work it out & I've no doubt that we will, When it hurts more than it shows it's not the easiest of roads!
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #22 - 07/09/14 at 22:26:13
I chose brother, grandparent, best friend, pet, relationship, friendship and faith. I lost my brother a bit over 6 years ago. The grandparent I lost was such an amazing soul. The best friend stands for my brother and for a close, dear friend of mine that passed. As a family, we'd lost a dog that my brother and I grew up with. As for relationships and friendships, I have lost them but it doesn't mean (necessarily) that it's a bad thing.

I've experienced a lot of loss in life. It's made me stronger, though it will never stop hurting. I never truly let myself grieve and that's one of the big reasons I've been looking into healing myself. <3
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #23 - 08/20/14 at 07:57:26
I recently lost my ex-fiancs mother an that was the most difficult thing I have been through. She has been there for me for the past decade when no one else was, and she ment the world to me. encouraged me daily to be a better person. im saddened by her lost but also know shes in a better place. its rough but I feel with support an time I can heal, any encouraging words?
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Re: loss no matter what it is
Reply #24 - 08/20/14 at 11:01:55
Hello jellybean,
thank you for posting here and sharing with us. You sound like you know you are going to get through this.. although you know its going to be hard. I feel that she is with you still and not gone anywhere. She felt you were a daughter to her.
Some days may be better or worse than others... The relief when the pain stops or numbs in grief is something i am aware of myself when it happens to me.
I know everyone says time is the healer .. it is. the pain of losing those years ago that i love so much is now memory. Everyone is different. Some cant let go of the grief and don't want to.
You sounds like a wonderful optimistic person you will get there.xxx
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love and peace helen.xxx...
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