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Ever Been Harassed Cuz You "Talk to Dead People"?
10/19/08 at 08:52:54
Ever been hassled by someone who feels threatened by your beliefs?

Had someone act embarrassed by you, like a partner who asks you to just keep quiet about it if the subject comes up the first time they take you home to meet the parents?

Religious repent-and-save-thy-soul type brochures left on your desk at work?

Have you changed your social circles etc because of harassment or barely tolerant people, for instance making new friends at Spiritualist church or whatever in order to feel support on your journey?
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Re: Ever Been Harassed Cuz You "Talk to Dead People"?
Reply #1 - 10/19/08 at 12:57:04
No I haven't been harrassed but my ex was a non believer and would not support me not matter what I asked.  He came to the Spiritual Church once and never wanted to go back which was fine by me.

I've had a cousin lie and say she didn't believe in Spirituality only to have her say that she believed in it when we had a discussion about it one time.

I hardly tell people about it so don't get any flak from it.
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Re: Ever Been Harassed Cuz You "Talk to Dead People"?
Reply #2 - 10/19/08 at 14:23:33
I have been harassed most of my life because of "seeing things" or  "hearing things". I had very few friends as a young child....really just                                                2...Mike and Mia. I remember going to school each day afraid to use the restroom alone because I knew "they" were in there.     Not that they ever did anything to be afraid of, but I just always had that "I'm here" feeling or heard them talking. My friend, Mike, lived next door and practically lived here so he knew and was fine with it, but Mia  experienced it quite by accident when I left her in my room alone one night while I used the bathroom. She never would stay the night after that but she was still my friend. As for the other kids in this town...I pretty much didnt exist. I was either overlooked or "the freak" because I knew when something was going to happen or they'd see me interact with "no one". Funny though, if they needed someone to communicate with an animal, guess who they called? This never did go away. Followed me right through high school and up to now. You know what? Adults are not much better. Smiley                                          
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Re: Ever Been Harassed Cuz You "Talk to Dead People"?
Reply #3 - 10/19/08 at 17:09:09

ive never talked to dead people. unless my spirit is a dead person

but you know what really REALLY annoys me.... when i tell someone and they go "read my mind then"
im just like...why? i cant be bothered so no.

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Re: Ever Been Harassed Cuz You "Talk to Dead People"?
Reply #4 - 10/19/08 at 19:56:07
Harrassed, no.  Shunned, yes.  

As a small child I was told it was "just my imagination" when I saw things or "just a coincidence" when things I predicted came true.

(Well meaining parents can do a lot of damage without knowing, but thank goodness now that I am older they are wonderfully supportive.)

When I was a teenager, I was mocked, shunned and somewhat feared by kids that didnt know me. I was an oddity to speak of and show off as a "pet" that could do "parlor tricks" by some so-called friends.  

As an young adult, I learned quickly never to mention any of my beliefs or let slip any of my impressions around co-workers, because one of two things always happened:

1. I would be giggled at behind my back or given long lectures on how my soul was in jeopardy if I didnt repent and go to their "insert denomination here" church.
2. I would be called upon to "give readings" constantly by very needy and never satisfied people who were addicted to psychics/astrology/ and the like to help them with self-made traumas in their lives.  That, btw, they would never just pull themselves out of and take the advice, because it seemed they had much more fun wallowing in their miseries.

As soon as I met my husband, a new set of issues arose.  His parents are fundamentals christians that believe that what I do is pure evil.  They dont care for me anyway (and tried to split my hubby and I up on several occasions, starting from the first time they met me.) And here it is 12 years after my husband I have been married, and they still refuse to acknowledge me, but insist on invading our lives constantly because they are obsessed with my Son.  

I am a successful person, and have gained a tiny bit of notariety in my area due to the Talking Board business I ran, the Divination Classes I taught, the ghost hunting groups I belonged too.  I have had my work used by Hollywood in Film and promotion, I have appeared in several newspaper articles, and been interviewed for stories regarding my abilities and my boards from Seattle to the U.K. And yet, my in-laws have told me they will never accept me because of what I "do" and I have yet to appear in even one of their ghastly x-mas letters they put out every year too their entire family and friends list.  (but my husband and my son are always highlighted in it, as are any brand new girlfriend that one of their other grandchildren may have, news of the family dog...and other such "not so notable" occurences. etc.)  

Bitter...yeah.  Smiley

But, now that I am older, (middle aged) I have come to really accept one thing, and let this kinda thing go.  

I am loved.  I am loved by those that mean the most to me.  I am accepted by those that matter to me.  And I accept myself.  And that is all that truly matters. And I am happy.

The rest of them that dont....well...their opinion doesnt mean a snit to me because I will never base my self worth on what another thinks of me again.  I will look to and within myself for that honor.  


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