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Naomi Edwards
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Re: Is this a Faerie?
Reply #160 - 11/21/16 at 13:16:52
A picture speaks a thousand words...The picture below is a dragon fly. I think it's safe to say fairies don't exist. Tiny, magic people with wings? Anyway, here's a picture of a species of dragonfly that looks just like a fairy for your viewing pleasure.  Smiley
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Re: Is this a Faerie?
Reply #161 - 12/14/16 at 00:56:24
Some sort of hybrid genetic mutation insect. I do want to believe it's tinker bell myself, But I just don't see it. Nice picture though, People are discovering new species of fish and insects all the time nowadays.
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I Love The Paranormal

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Re: Is this a Faerie?
Reply #162 - 02/03/17 at 06:55:52
looks like a cricket/grasshopper to me
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