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Re: Study: If aliens exist, they probably want to destroy us
Reply #70 - 08/23/16 at 23:52:37
I tend to think that highly advanced doesn't really mean they are spiritually advanced those things do not always go hand in hand even in our world. sometimes the longer you live a physical life and the more technology you have could mean you are more scientific minded then spiritual minded, not in every case of a race but it is logical  that it is a possibility that would be hard to ignore. we think of aliens as being like us or in terms of the way we think they may be or not be, also hope can play a role in how they are precieved as humans always (in general) look for an outside source to "save" them. Some probably just watch and observe for sure and do no interfere but I also doubt all play by that standard and I also agree they have been here and continue to come here for their own purposes and agenda's whatever those may be..  
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Re: Study: If aliens exist, they probably want to destroy us
Reply #71 - 08/24/16 at 11:36:02
Writing this on my phone, so forgive the odd

This is an interesting topic and I'm impressed
it's been going on for so long.

I feel the same about extraterrestrials as I do
about God and some sort of collective energy or
consciousness: I am certain they exist, but I believe
we can't comprehend their nature. Until/unless
we encounter them ourselves we only have
theories and guesses.

I think it's logical to assume there is likely
life elsewhere in the universe, and also that
there are many different kinds of
extraterrestrials. Depending on where, when
and how they developed, they could look
vastly different and approach other beings
(like us) differently. A race that's exploratory
as we are may be curious. A race that has
encountered unkind or dangerous beings
may be defensive or aggressive. One that
has no interest in other races may be
indifferent or guarded. Perhaps none of
those examples are apt, as their psychological
and emotional make up may not resemble ours
at all.

All that being said, I think it would be the luck of the
draw. The reaction we get would depend on the
type of beings we came across and what their
psychological make up happened to be. I do
believe we have been visited and there may
be extraterrestrials among us. Don't know
why. It's just something I feel is true.

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Re: Study: If aliens exist, they probably want to destroy us
Reply #72 - 02/24/17 at 04:39:34
I basically believe the the world and universe is friendly, but at the same time, we need to protect ourselves.  I don't believe that every alien is friendly no more that every country on earth is friendly...food for thought...
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