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Re: 'Strange sounds' heard Worldwide
Reply #20 - 09/11/16 at 00:42:27
Some of the Youtube videos have been proven to be hoaxes - they have the same sound as some of the other youtube videos, and some sound exactly like the sound in that movie (can't think of the name of it), End Of Days maybe, not sure.  But, that don't mean they're all hoaxes.  

I think some of the reports are legit and my guess is that the noises are probably coming from HAARP technology and their attempts to control the weather.  

Another possibility is that it's coming from under ground as they have been working hard building underground cities and tunnels.  

Personally I think they might have put that sound in that movie on purpose so that when people start reporting such sounds other people will say "oh you watch too many movies".  They like to hide the truth out in the open.

Is it the book of Revelations that talks about the angels sounding their trumpets in the end days?  I don't think it's coming from angels but that doesn't mean that the person who was viewing those future events in that book didn't hear such sounds in the end days and assume it was angels.  If you never seen an airplane and you saw them in a vision of the future when their were airplanes, you might assume they were really big birds.  

Have you heard about the reports of people seeing cities in the clouds over China?  You can check it out on Youtube.  That has apparently happened other places as well.  Are we seeing glimpses of a parallel reality because of what they're doing at CERN, or could it be holographic technology at work?  

Some say the powers that be are planning either a fake alien attack or they're going to create the illusion of holy figures like Jesus appearing in the sky for all to see.  Both of which they could do with their advanced holographic technology.  

Doesn't the bible mention Jesus coming in the clouds and all will see him?  Perhaps the person who had that vision of the future just saw this holographic version of Jesus in the sky and assumed it was really Jesus when it wasn't.  

You probably think they couldn't possibly fool us with their holographic technology.  I say they already have.  The twin towers were not hit by real airplanes, but by holograms.  Research it for yourself - there are plenty of youtube videos on it.  

In one of his videos, John Lear talks about how they can project realistic plane holograms in the sky as well as create the sound to go with it.  He says it would take like 3 other aircrafts to project the hologram.

And if you watch live footage of the second plane hitting the tower and slow down the footage you can actually see that there are indeed 3 other aircrafts flying by when it happens.  You don't see them until you slow down the live footage because they move so fast, but they are there.
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Re: 'Strange sounds' heard Worldwide
Reply #21 - 09/13/16 at 19:07:47
Currently 7 countries are playing with Tesla's weather machine .... a low frequency wave is bounced off the inner sphere creating a bubble, so that the atmosphere moves in causing a shift in weather patterns.  The low drumming or humming sounds heard would consistent with the operation of these large transmitters ...... and would go a long way into explaining all the odd weather around the world.
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