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Cole Wayne
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Re: Does any body has experince with aliens here ?
Reply #15 - 01/06/17 at 04:44:21
Interesting read! I don't have any experience with alien beings that I know of, but I enjoyed reading these accounts/experiences. Thank you for sharing!
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Rose Rivers
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Re: Does any body has experince with aliens here ?
Reply #16 - 01/06/17 at 11:35:25
experience with aliens, yes. One is a guide (he's from the Sirius galaxy) and comes in the form of a blue globe, because The Martian Chronicles is one of my favourite Ray Bradbury books and there the Martians come as blue globes... he and I find this very funny, he took that from my memories. He is not around very much but if I need 'outside' help, he's there.

The Cro-Magnon book I am channelling at the moment talks often of 'visitors from other worlds' and it is they who taught early man to use fire properly, what foods are good and what are bad and gave them many of the legends we know today. Aliens have visited us since we first evolved.
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