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Paranormal Attachments & Clearings Terms Of Use
01/13/13 at 16:35:40
Paranormal Attachments & Clearings is a serious subject, there has been a number of times the board was going to be closed. To keep the board open all members posting on this board agree to the following:

By posting on this (public) forum board the member accepts full responsibility for their own post(s) and it's content. You hold us free (anybodythere.net) of all liability and responsibility for any actions or results or adverse situations created as a direct result of your post(s).

Please respect the views and opinions of others. We would strongly recommend you read the Terms & Conditions of this site before replying to another members post.

We take violation of the terms and conditions very seriously anyone in breach of this will have their account suspended or terminated. If a member considers any of the content to be in breach of our terms and conditions please contact one of our moderators or site owners with a link where the material can be found.

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Re: Paranormal Attachments & Clearings Terms Of Use
Reply #1 - 02/20/16 at 00:42:28
I tell you how to clear yourself from the darkness and more:

If you smoke or drink, quit it! Drugs too.

Do you have any defining moments in your life? Something you still blame yourself for? If you ever hurt others. You know what you did is wrong. Fine. You should stop blaming yourself for that and start helping other people instead.
But there's one thing you should not blame yourself for! Is being a burden to your parents as a child. If your parents got separated because of you or whatever. That's not your fault! True parents would never give up on their child. Whether he/she is adopted or not.
Being a parent isn't a game! If you give up on them, you destroy them! Parents who give up on their children are the greatest criminals ever! Angry However, Father carries the greatest responsibility. Because he has to be there for his wife as for his children. However, if you take revenge on them now, this will make you no different than them!!

True parents will do anything (moral) to school their child so he/she can have a real future!

If you're a bad parent, don't expect heaven in the afterlife! I highly recommend you to go back and clean up your mess while you still live! If your child suffers or commit suicide because he/she couldn't make it in life. It will be very bad for you!  Sad

Find yourself!

One more thing! If you had a bad childhood. You still got no right to let it out on others!  Wink

I hope this could help you! Cool
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Re: Paranormal Attachments & Clearings Terms Of Use
Reply #2 - 02/21/17 at 16:59:55
I have had a bad childhood and growing up, I was verbally and physically abused.   After I left home at 21, I felt really bad about some things I had said and done to my parents.  Before my dad died, I tried to make peace and even now, I still feel bad about it all.    I am trying to make peace with my mom and would like to move closer to her so that I could spend time with her and show her, I love her as my mom.

I struggle with these things everyday now.    I feel that even with all the apologizing I have done and try to keep peace with my family, we still just don't get along and feel like none of them want me around.  
But I love them and try to look past all that.  

Wish I could  just erase some of the past and my life now might turn out different but then, the past kind of defines who I am now.

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