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Re: How do you know if it is a demon?
Reply #45 - 09/26/16 at 22:20:58
There is a possibility that the voices you are hearing are those of spirit ... however, it may also be true that there may be a medical reason for it.  I have often wondered if Mediums were thought to have mental disorders ?  I would think the answer would be yes, but you would need to speak to a Medium ..... and if they want money to remove something paranormal, run away as fast as possible and ask for JohnFieldDragon if he is still around.
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Re: How do you know if it is a demon?
Reply #46 - 09/28/16 at 19:04:13
dr3am3r wrote on 05/14/16 at 02:54:08:
I have a friend who says that she has a voice in her head telling her to kill herself. From her accounts, it is not a voice outside of her or really separate from her. The voice sounds like her, and it feels like intrusive thoughts constantly. She said she has had this voice for a long time, but it has gotten worse at the prospect of moving.

She told me that at some point, she questioned the voice. It said it wasn't a demon, but herself challenging herself. It said that medicine/drugs would only muffle the voice, not stop it. It said that if she does nothing, it will get worse. It said a lot of stuff, but it wasn't really clear what exactly it wanted from her other than to challenge her. It said that she was weak and not taking responsibility, but it doesn't say for what.

It sounds a lot like a demon to me, but I am also pretty untrained. If it were a demon, how would she know? If it is not a demon, is it just a psychological condition? Or is it some other spiritual being?

How do you know if you are dealing with a demon?


hadn't seen this thread before, so haven't replied earlier. realize the OP posted a while ago, but...

I wouldn't say this person is possessed, or has a demon.  I'd say this person MIGHT have some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder.  

ocd isn't just about washing your hands or worrying about germs.  a huge component of ocd is intrusive thoughts. You can hear yourself, telling you to... kill yourself, hurt the children, drive too fast, spit in ppl's faces:  you feel terrible thinking these things, and you'd never behave like that, and you feel crazy, BUT:  you don't think it's aliens, or demons:  you know it's your own mind, which kinda feels worse.  

normally, if a person is hearing voices, the hearer thinks the voices don't belong to them.  Aliens, the CIA, a witch-sister:  whatever, there's a big conspiracy, there's people plotting, everything is sinister and suspicious, but identifying those voices and thinking its your own voice? That's not the 'normal' schizophrenic presentation. That's like OCD.

what qualifies me to suggest that? psych nurse training, psych degree, years of study.  I could be wrong: but...      
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