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I Keep Seeing Light in the Corner of my Eye Lately...
12/09/16 at 01:32:24
I've been seeing them in the corner of my eye, not long since i've been meditating about archangels/guardian angels. The colors I see are blue and yellow/orange. I've been asking them to help me manifest a romantic partner/soulmate into my life lately and I've been getting signs that they've been listening to me, but he hasn't arrived into my life yet.

Does this mean anything for me? What should I do in regards to my situation?

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Re: I Keep Seeing Light in the Corner of my Eye Lately...
Reply #1 - 12/09/16 at 12:36:33
for someone to come into your life, things have to happen. That person has to be shifted from here to there and back again in order for you and they to meet. It won't be as easy as 'I want someone, here they are, walking through the door' a lot of negotiating and manipulating has to go on. How many times have you heard (or said) 'If I hadn't gone there/visited that/taken that way home, that would not have happened.' That's what they're doing, arranging that 'coincidence' which you will immediately label as coincidence after all their hard work... we all do it.
So, what can you do? be patient. Live your life to the full, live every day full of joy and anticipation of a new friendship/life. Let the Universe work on it but be prepared to wait. Nothing can happen overnight, from money arriving through recovering from something to meeting someone. It takes time. Be patient and trust they are getting on with it for you.

And be ready to say thank you when it happens. It's something we often forget.
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