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Is it possible to see a spiritual manifestation of your own negativity?
Jan 9th, 2017, 3:37am
I've always been a little sensitive. Not as sensitive as some of you. Most of you  likely.  Smiley

Lately I've been more spiritually minded, in control of my emotions, for a long time I haven't had a lot of control I 've been over whelmed with negativity , addictions, so on.

Today I'm on the couch and I see in front of me, a shadow, from across the room. It's short, like a child. It's a little transparent at first then very dark, and it flickers in and out of sight and then disappears. I see it twice.

To be honest I'm not sure it was a spirit or if it was a shadow from else where.

I've seen shadow people before, they've attacked me. Before I regained emotional control I had an epiphany that I had parasitic thought forms that were negative and that we had a parasitic relationship.

They want power right now, but I don't want to give it to them.  I'm able to see beyond these thoughts now as I call it, see beyond them or push them out I call it.

Just recently I've been gaining back my control.

I had a difficult childhood, so I suspect if I saw a spirit today, a shadow person, it was a manifestation of my negative feelings from childhood. I'm imagining that I may be seeing a shattered aspect of my own self, my childhood, as it's a boy like entity darkened from negative energy. I've given out a lot of negative energy.

My friend who is psychic says she feels a new energy a shift , I did too, I felt different. Today I saw this boy like dark shadow in the family room and I'm wondering if there's something to it.

I'm not psychic or a medium but yes I am a little sensitive and have had experiences.

I don't know if this is possible or not, or if I'm seeing something else but this shadow entity was the size of a young boy.

Could it also just be a shadow manifestation that I've given negativity and it chooses the form of a child?
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Re: Is it possible to see a spiritual manifestation of your own negativity?
Reply #1 - Jan 14th, 2017, 12:37am
I would say that yes, it is perhaps possible that a person could see a manifestation of their own negativity and consider it an independent entity.

I say this because in my experience, some people do have the type of mind that can create and sustain thought-beings from their own minds and these beings can be made manifest to others.

I myself have... naughtily... sent out the occasional creature, just for laughs, but it isn't ethical to do so, and it doesn't always work, or work in the way you would like it to. If you can get it to work, you might get a friend reporting a few sightings, but to keep the being "alive", to sustain it, for hours, days, weeks, etc, isn't easy and I'd suggest for most people nigh on impossible.

Basically, the process involves "imagining" a being into being, naming it, giving it flesh, clothes, hair, scales, teeth, whatever you fancy, and familarising yourself with that being, talking to it, creating a history or a future for it, but while being aware that the being is part of your own consciousness, allowing that being a certain degree of autonomy, independent of you as creator. For most people, that kind of duality in thinking isn't possible: things either are, or are not, but for people with freer minds, grasping neither "are" or "not", is quite possible.  

In Tibet, these thought-creations are called 'tulpa': google it, see what happens.

There is also an old story of Aleister Crowley sending a "tulpa" to, I think, MacGregor Mathers (both of them were in... occult organisations... lol... and apparently they had a feud): and Crowley called it charles... and Mather apparently saw it, and begged him to take it away, but... who knows if that's true or not.

In my opinion, people with schizophrenia, people who've had traumatic experiences and experienced episodes of disassociation, people with highly creative imaginations bordering on the manic, people who had imaginary friends as children, and those who've experimented with hallucinogens find these "creating" and "duality" states easier than the rest: I think because the boundaries of what is and isn't real are more fluid in all these states and the usual restraints of rational thought don't function the same.  

So... If it's possible for me to willfully freak my friend out, thirty miles away, by sending her a naughty notion or two, as a being, then for me it's not too far a stretch to consider it possible that a person could subconsciously manifest a shadow self, or what seems to be an entity but which is actually a product of their own mind.

That you can make it smaller, etc, also suggests to me that rather than this "being" be independent of you, it is you. Especially as, the more you consider it, think about it, the more "real" the being seems to become: making manifest: it's actually quite a skill!

I'd suggest: enjoy him for a little while. Don't tell people: they might lock you up for being a bit whacko, lol, but... nurture this kid. Treat him well. Tell him stories, tuck him up snuggly in bed, make him some hot milk, maybe even create a future for him, where he goes out in the world, happy, and confident, to have a great life independent of you. All that stuff you wish somebody has said: tell him. If your theory is correct, accepting him, and loving him, and then letting go/allowing him to dissipate and dissolve away when you feel like he's happier might be beneficial to you. Therapeutic, almost.

Alternatively, now that you "know" it might just be your own projection, you could discard it. Tell yourself nope, it doesn't exist, stop thinking about it, stay away from manifestation and tulpas and crazy occult notions.  Roll Eyes

wishing you well... adios ...  Cool

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