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Messengers come in many forms.

It was early morning, during the pm-am shift at a restaurant I had been managing. It had seemed a busy night, yet the stroke of midnight brought calm to the evening. Passing time with co-workers chatting and sorting, Understandings of life, love and friendship as many co-workers do. Quietly came in a young woman and what can be understood as a matronly proper style of woman. I sat them to dine.
The young woman's beauty awed the servers working that evening. Wonderment of what brought this woman to honor us with her presence. Recommending that compliments are nice, yet the young woman appeared tired and fatigued, that the staff should stay at bay and give them time to relax. They had finished their food, the young woman beautiful in her own right, and very little words spoken.  Donning their coats readying for the cold, while at the register bidding them a good night I found myself commenting to her, of how her beauty had struck my staff as if angels followed her every movement. She intern said, “Thank You” shyly and the elder woman said to her “Give her your picture.”, finding this a bit unusual of an act offering me her photo. The young woman then took a picture from her purse and wrote. “Vicky Miracles Happen when you believe.” Thanks Tina.  She then issued a few more out to the staff, who worked her table. She smiled and walked away.
Miracles Happen when you believe…In that I found the statement captivating and encouraging to my soul. Somehow comfortable.
To Tina Sauerhammer, Miss Wisconsin 2003, second runner up in the Miss America Pageant. The hours re long that fill your task, May all be as wonderful as the gift you gave us, that December night 2003
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