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My Pug
02/21/17 at 17:54:03
My X husband and my sons had Bully put down about 3-4 years ago.

I loved all my pets I ever had but I really miss my Pug.
I still cry to this day and wonder what realm did he go to?
His hip and internal organs started to shut down at age 14 and he was blind in one eye too.  
I miss my little puggy so much.  
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Re: My Pug
Reply #1 - 02/21/17 at 19:35:45
ALL animals are in the Realms, they visit us regularly if you are quiet enough and accepting enough to see and hear them around you. I live with two cats but many nights I have cats leaping on my bed and settling down, when I look there is no cat there. Your pug is around you a lot but you're not ready yet to be aware of his presence. I just posted you my usual comments on how to meet your guides, once you get used to that, all else will fall into place.
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