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What do you do to stop it?
03/17/17 at 15:37:42
Hey there,
I have a strong feeling that something outside of me influences me, by messing with my emotions and feelings. It feels like a battle every day to feel like myself.
I cannot prove it, I do not know for sure if it really is happening, but I think it is real.
I do not know if it happens because I am an empath, or because something is attached to me, or trying to control me. I have no idea.

Inside I am a very calm, cheerful kind of woman. But I have this fog that comes over me again and again. And when it does, I become exhausted, foggy, down, cold or hot, de-motivated, sometimes I tremble and feel really cold. Mentally its hard to focus or think, I can do nothing else then just sit. It happens especially, and mostly, whenever I try to break free of it. Whenever I try to shield, or do something about it. Whenever I try to learn to protect myself.
I keep dreaming about it too, for years and years already.

I desperately want to learn how to shield well, and all day long (and night). I cannot seem to get to happen. Every time I try, it seems a very temporary result and it makes me exhausted and foggy.
If possible I also want to learn how to get rid of whatever it is, that does this to me. If its just me, I still have to learn what to do about it. If its something else, outside of me, then I also have to learn what to do about it. I am stuck,  I cannot take it any longer.

I really, really appreciate any help or advice. If anyone has any questions, feel free.
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Re: What do you do to stop it?
Reply #1 - 03/17/17 at 21:56:12
Hi Bumblebee-,

It's nice seeing you in chat. Take a deep breath and relax. Being an empath taking on so many emotions and feelings when going places such as shopping centres etc and energy running about is difficult which is why we shield ourselves to stop that from happening. When your in chat why not ask one of our lovely members they will be happy to teach you a thing or two in regards to shielding.

You can learn to shield with an oval, or a white light bubble, depending on what is comfortable for you. Then visualising tree roots growing from the ground and wrapping around you and connecting with mother earth. Then seeing your white light coming up from the earth or the bubble growing outwards and protecting you from head to toe.

Some info to help you understand more about shielding etc

Also some guided meditations for you to try out:




You can also get crystals to help you with grounding and protection. There are various different ones. You can find more about them and what ones to get on the forum or searching.

Also this thread on the forum will help you with understanding how to protect and shielding yourself


Along with doing a full house cleansing which can help to cleanse from energy:


It's useful to have a clear mind and to relax when doing a guided meditation. If you have difficulty come see us in chat, We're help to help.  Smiley If your attached to any emotions or particular people, chord cutting may also be an option. But, try shielding and grounding daily first see how that goes for you.

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Re: What do you do to stop it?
Reply #2 - 03/17/17 at 22:30:47
That's interesting...a lot of those signs sound like symptoms of depression: feeling unmotivated, having difficulty concentrating, lack of energy. But, I know more about mental health stuff than I do psychic stuff. I'm mostly here to learn.
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