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Paranormal Games - Free

Got some time to kill? Waiting for friends to come into chat or the forums? Try some of our games out though!!! They can become addictive.

Paranormal Games - Adventure

paranormal game Haunted house Title: Haunted House
Description: Escape the haunted house alive? Halloween-inspired game!... Play Game »
paranormal game nightmare kingdom Title: Nightmare Kingdom
Description: Clear all the exciting levels by defeating various enemies and obstacles in this nice adventurous game... Play Game »

Paranormal Games - RPG

paranormal game arrival in hell Title: Arrival In Hell
Description: Welcome to hell. You are a prisoner, trapped with a brutal monster killing everyone. Can you survive?......... Play Game »
paranormal game hell of fear Title: Hell Of Fear
Description: The depths of the abyss.. Will fear get a hold of you?...... Play Game »
paranormal game the dead case Title: The Dead Case
Description: Explore a haunted town as a ghost and solve the mystery of your own death, in this interactive adventure game!... Play Game »

Paranormal Games - Arcade

paranormal game rotting onslaught Title: Rotting Onslaught
Description: You're a military commander and you must lead your troops safely to the extraction zone in each level, confronting the hordes of undead......... Play Game »
paranormal game hell bound Title: Hell Bound
Description: Guide Devlin, the tiny wingless devil in his journey to find his wings, confronting all the enemy demons!......... Play Game »
paranormal game planet gobbler Title: Planet Gobbler
Description: Guide a huge Gobbler through space and swallow the desired planets but avoid any of the wrong flavors!... Play Game »

Paranormal Games - Puzzle

paranormal game ufo joe Title: Ufo Joe
Description: Help Joe to fly his UFO through different planets and abduct various creatures, to restore fun in the alien life!...... Play Game »
paranormal game from space with love Title: From Space With Love
Description: Can you escape the haunted house alive? Try this Halloween-inspired game!... Play Game »
paranormal game bermuda trianlge Title: Bermuda Triangle
Description: Fly your plane safely through the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in bad weather and avoiding the UFOs to survive till the end... Play Game »

Paranormal Games - Shooting

paranormal game saucer arena Title: Saucer Arena
Description: Join the battle for UFO supremacy! This is the ultimate flying saucer challenge!... Play Game »
paranormal game alien hunter Title: Alien Hunter
Description: Hunt some aliens in this futuristic space-age game. Shoot the aliens and clear the infestation!...... Play Game »
paranormal game time fighter Title: Time fighter
Description: Can you shoot all alien forces down in 5 different time zones? Lets see you try!...... Play Game »
paranormal game destroy the world Title: Destroy the World
Description: Control your UFO and destroy the autocratic human empire to bring peace and freedom in the galaxy... Play Game »
paranormal game zombie storm Title: Zombie Storm
Description: Protect your innocent civilians, in this action shooting game from cruel zombies and last their terror... Play Game »
paranormal game the last fight Title: The Last Fight
Description: You are a commando of the TLF squad and you have to infiltrate into the base of rebel Lord Runengal and destroy it, to save our galaxy!... Play Game »
paranormal game zombie horde2 Title: Zombie Horde 2
Description: Stranded in a dense jungle and surrounded by hordes of zombies, you've to accomplish various missions and survive till the end!... Play Game »
paranormal game alien showdown Title: Alien Showdown
Description: Invade and destroy the alien creatures by shooting them and throwing grenades into they breeding nests... Play Game »
paranormal game dawn of the dead Title: Dawn of the Dead
Description: The online game designed to promote the scary as the movie itself if played alone in the dark... Play Game »
paranormal game alien hominid Title: Alien Hominid
Description: Your UFO has crash landed, and the FBI is out to get you. Time to take them out!... Play Game »

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