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Going through some changes

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Going through some changes. Would like to be read for relationship (is it worth pursuing the new relationship) and career.

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Hi, ok this is what i picked up for you ....
I see you as a very kind and giving person... you give alot to others but not nearly enough to yourself
when i asked about this new relationship i get a definate NO ... and heard "he's not right for you" i feel that he will be similar to the guys you have dated in the past ... I also got that you need to focus more on self love as the love you are seeking lies within you... when you love yourself fully then the right guy will come into your life ... so maybe try affirmations and treat yourself like you treat others as i feel you give alot of yourself and dont get as much in return ... I'm also seeing that there is a potential relationship in the future with someone you went to highschool with ....
I heard the name Fiona ....if that means anything to you and then i picked up that your mom loves and misses you
i also picked up on a little white dog
I also sense alot of heartache from a past relationship that was very deceitful...
as for the new job i get a big YES! as this job will lead to more avenues for you >>>i see an office position ...
i just want to add that ultimately you need to make your own decision .... the answer lies within you ... sit quietly in a room focus on your breathing ... then ask your question... pay attention to the physiological responses your body gives you... does your stomach feel at ease or does it tighten ... do you feel anxiety or not... does your breathing speed up or do you feel relaxed ... does your jaw tighten or relax... you have the answers inside of you ...
i hope this helps
Love Light and Blessing

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