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Seeking Your Honest Insights & Gudiance Please??

Posted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 11:32 am
by LeonieStraughair1980
Leonie Straughair, 08/05/1980

Please note the photo of me in the year 2017 that I have posted[/color]

I would really like to give a really great big Thanks & Appreciation to anyone who takes the time for me to respond to my post with a personal reading, I am so very grateful for your time & efforts you have given to me. May You All Be Blessed X

quote]Please know that I am totally open to considering all of the possibilities & insights that are foreseen for me to achieve the best possible outcome for my future that lies ahead of me.
As well as that I am also wanting to be made aware of anything negative that you may see for me ahead so that I can then be made aware of them in order for me to have my best go at the possibility of avoiding them, or to be well equipt to handle them in the best manner when I will be faced with them.

I am asking for your100% entire honesty with me please, there is no need to be shy, please be assured.

First Up...

I would like to ask that if you could please firstly take the time to share with me anything & everything that you may see for me by just looking at my photo, first and without reading the rest of this message? Is there something you would like to share with me in response to what you can see from my photo? Is there anything that I must know? Anything?

And Now...
It would be fantastic if you could now please provided me, within your reading, the answers to some important questions I have that I am seeking some insight to and they are listed as follows:
Are able to see me in the near future ever reaching a point in my life where I will not have to worry about my finances, as I will be living a wealthy life and earning a fantastic income?

Do you see me ever buying my own home or will I always rent?

Will I ever find and be able to experience in my life a real strong connection & understanding of each other within a genuine lover? Will I ever find my destined to be soulmate? If yes how, what, when & where will I find him?

In what direction will I take in my career change that is going to be very successful with providing me with extreme wealth and that totally satisfies me?

Will I ever own my own business or will I always work for someone else?

Will my mum ever learn a respect for me as a person and stop being so nasty to me and making negative comments about my life all the time, every time I see her?
And will she ever sort out & face up to her own issues to then be able to find real, true and genuine peace, joy & happiness in her life?

And lastly...[media][media][/media][/media]

Will I ever learn to show my mum how much I do really appreciate her and learn how to handle her in a kinder, respectful & positive way?

Warmest Regards

Leonie X