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Picture reading please thank you

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Hi Sammy

You are a good friend to others. Looked upon and others speak highly of you in your absense.
I see you caring a lot for others. Family, younger ones, friends, neighbous. You are a giver.

I sense two younger ones around you -- do you have two younger (below 7) children? wondering who these may be :o)
Playful energy.

I feel that relationships have been a bit rocky as of late. I see someone coming back forgiving.

I am picking up a little on your past and can definitely see that you have been through so much. You had to grow from a young age and wisen up and now you make sure that other younger ones around you are guided. I won't tread too much further there but would just like to say... you made it, and you're helping so many with your experience. I keep having visions of a delivery/labour and I wonder if you had ever thought of midwifery. I wonder....

Career wise I feel as though you know-so-badly what and where you want to go but a few essentials are lacking. Ideally-- it could be anything from the funds for college to the distance, or the fact it seems overwhelming for you right now with your current life circumstances. I feel your guides are close and they are in agreement that right now it may not be ideal, but that it will come to you. It can manifest, you will receive what you need to progress further with your career and studies.
I feel someone close to you is suffering with a long term health condition. Can't place who it is but I feel as though you may. Guides mention that someone else's health is a factor/reason for you not being able to fulfil everything you wish to right now. But please don't lose sight of that :o)

I feel spiritually you are being guided recently. I feel you are gifted and have a lot of potential to help others. And I see you doing this already in many ways. Have you ever thought of psychic-development for yourself?
(No pressure as gifts don't necessarily have to be developed to ''read'' for people, but you can keep them to help you navigate in helping others. Think of a social worker/nurse instincts. And how it could help them, to be in tune with intuition. Or say, a crisis helpline worker. Knowing when a danger is present and following it-- you'll find so many situations where you'll be guided and help guide others. Great stuff.

Not much else is coming through immediately Sammy but let me know if you have any questions, i'm happy to come back to this.

Hugs & be well

PS: Next Evening with Akasha (ABT's resident psychic) is on the 2nd september. Feel free to come along :thumbsup: 8pm London time, I believe.
Sam j
"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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