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Pregnant Woman Really Needs You Guys HELP

Posted: Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:28 pm
by ayi
Hey guys I am 3 months pregnant and I am so scared to be a single mom me and the dad separted out of no were idk why he doesn't want any commucation my question is which is major do you see this man coming back in the picture of my childs life I think his family plays a big part in our separation what do you guys think heres a picture of us I was a member here since 2012 had to create new profile

Re: Pregnant Woman Really Needs You Guys HELP

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:14 am
by hewhois
Hi Ayi,

He is frightened. He does not have any other children. This is his first child. His family are playing off of his feelings of fear to enhance the separation. I feel that once the child is born he will come back into the picture more so than he has been, or currently is.

Patience with him and his family could work tremendously in your favor. You being "so scared" as you put it and my feeling of fear that I get from him - will only create more turmoil. Be the bigger spirit and be patient. Your patience will shed a newfound light on this situation, where everyone seems to be so helpless and afraid.

Tips for patience. Any interaction with him keep it brief, be firm, and be ultra understanding and kind. Do not fake anything allow your peacefulness to shine. That is what I see must be done to reconcile this and have the best outcome for the child. You will be fine, whether it is with him or not with him. Just understand the power of you and the force you have on the bearings of your very own future.

Please let me hear any questions you have or any response. Glad to help..

Thank you,
He Who Is

Re: Pregnant Woman Really Needs You Guys HELP

Posted: Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:31 am
by Samanthaj
I agree with Hewhois

I can see and definitely believe (intuitively) that he will want to return to the scene once the baby is here.
Firstly' , i'm really sorry for all of the stress you have been through recently. A break up is never easy, worse when you are pregnant. Whilst it's a happy time, it's also a very anxious time and takes a lot of adjusting. Especially if either/one of you has no other children

It's very possible he's frightened. Especially if this was unplanned (again , no shame, every new life is such a blessing :thinktank:

So.. I definitely feel he will want to come back into the picture.... for your child
Relationship wise? I'm really not sure. That much is unclear.

I also feel though whilst his family could be playing a part in this/influencing his judgements.. I also feel that most of this is stemming from within him.... fear. Fear ..... Forget -everything-and-run... it definitely can happen for dads especially when it's unexpected and out of the blue. This is not to say this is bad again, this is positive for you both and I feel he is going to (if not already) warm to the idea of being a father. And I do see him loving his child. I feel he is worried for various reasons. Financially. Practically... (and possibly due to his family)

He will warm to the baby and I see you talking again. I feel he needs to be left, and right now the best thing you can do is take good care of yourself :hugs: for you and the baby... You don't need the worry of anyone sticking around or coming back. It's understandable , but I feel you are doing a great job and that no matter where this goes in the long term , your child will be loved, they will blossom, and you'll be a great mum.

Focus on you and baby
You're doing great

:thinktank: Take care and let us know if you have any questions.


Re: Pregnant Woman Really Needs You Guys HELP

Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:49 pm
by ayi
Awe I really thank you guys so much for responding to my post and being a friend at heart and giving me ur honesty with this situation and yes I was thinking the same to just give him his time n if it happens it happens for him to come back I'm not wanting a relationship with him but only for him to come back atleast for the child to know whom there father is but I love u guys and really really greatly appreciate your response it's means so much to me