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Unread post Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:34 pm

Hi all, wondering if I could get a picture reading...Haven't done this yet...brush up your skills on me 😉 much love 💙

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Unread post Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:51 pm

You are a lovable soul with an uplifting outlook as to how you perceive your life. There is a lot of hurt & a feeling of sadness/quiet vibrations within your eyes though, no matter how much you keep your chin up and keep smiling, its there, more now in the background than ever before.

Your aura is a beautiful hue of golden white light that is a pastel colour, this is the first layer of the aura that I’m picking up as I connect to your energy. It shows me that you have been questioning your present a bit as of late as well as brushing up on your knowledge too and soul searching to find answers within your psyche. Its as though you are the butterfly that is just appearing from its chrysalis, just spreading its wings to feel the first taster of freedom on the wind. Either way you are changing every second within your aura energy, you are becoming and finding the balance in your own footsteps and sense of self-awareness.

You are moving forwards into a new lease of life and transformation changes are being made to re-adjust your sense of direction and also you are being encouraged to move forward into a new chapter which is to be life-changing amount of changes ranging from minor to major.
You are sorting out currently through your past beliefs and belief system, feeling at a loss as of what to do with your life in the present feeling distant and disconnected a bit too out of touch with your higher self, like you have to begin again with finding yourself again and knowing the true/real sense of self and bringing it back into alignment of you finding answers along your path.

You have a lot of sadness and anxiety around you too though, but you know deep down in your heart’s word that its best to go onwards and upwards and pick yourself up from it to start over again. You know within yourself instincts wise who to trust and who not to. also picking up the sense of a yearning of a wistfulness to travel and go around to a new world or reality- but you know that only you can make those changes and the dreams you have nurtured - take action on them to live and shape it into your reality.

there is a situation around you now where money feels like its being lost in trickling amounts of small change as though you are feeling out of pocket but are currently saving enough to make ends meet; this is in connection with the home environment and family- there is a decision on that as well to be made a lot of paperwork to be done also being mentioned is a will and going to the solicitors to sort it out.…
a problem is halved in two if you ask for help when you need it from a trustworthy and genuine source….its a case of not being able to see things straight-forwardly because you are too close to looking at the trunk of the trees a bit but being outside will help to bring forward the natural knowledge and answers that you seek as will mulling it over as well and mind mapping the idea to find the missing links for only if you write it down will you find the answer to what you seek… the documents i’m seeing though in relation to this are formal rather than informal coming in a red folder on a bit of a cluttered wooden desk.

there is a handful of answers that you are looking for with this - 8- its almost a case of mixed messages coming in and you are searching for the right message to go forward with. You are being asked to trust in your heart’s word in relation to the decisions that are being made with this situation. Sometimes it may feel like tis a mind over matter scenario but as always trust your instincts and your heart if you get stuck on decision-making and deciding.

Hugs Brandy0219, that’s all from me for now. Hope that’s ok. And hope its ok to request feedback from you too either on this thread or on my CelticRose’s bio thread, it helps us as readers to know if we are on track with our intuition, etc
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