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Mon Apr 08, 2019 11:04 am

This is the only recent photo I have, I can post another if my face being covered makes it impossible to read :)

Thank you! :thinktank: :peace: :evil:

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Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:44 pm

You are a beautiful being who could be rather shy but is someone who would open up when you got a chance to meet people. You have a knowing ability and a chance to shine - you are being asked to trust in the universe energy and know there is a reason as to why you've been drawn back to the site. You are a developing medium and you do have some psychic ability but this is not widely talked about within your soul family or friendships with people that you meet on a regular basis.

you have an elephant totem showing you that the sheerness of grace and agility is around you to help guide you forwards. you are stood at a crossroads at the moment but your soul is healing from a stance where you felt distrust in your present life. the elephant is a strong but gentle creature, sought after for answers though, which you are finding in your higher self, even though you are listening to your instincts, you have a decision to make as to whether to stay on your path or rest your energies completely, you are always on the go working hard, sometimes its a good thing to give yourself time to pamper yourself and your needs.

your first card is goddess of the unknown

you are traveling a lot as of late journeying through choppy waters, you are hiding your light from the past, you need to pluck up the courage to come out from under your comfort blanket and allow yourself to shine. your past is no longer affecting you and you do not need to live it anymore, you are looking for the much needed community to express yourself and your support, you are questioning yourself a lot and your innate ability to listen. you are being guided here and you have found home again, welcome back!

second card is goddess of knowledge

you are asked to trust in your instincts and in your intuition, trusting in your self and finding that love within your self to accept you for who you really are, your higher self and your own ability to support yourself through the choppiness of that water, learning to relax and go with the flow would greatly see yourself moving through the tide into the future of your present, you are a healer and are healing the world with your ability but you aren't giving yourself the worthiness that you too are in need of healing and time to rest when you need it.

God of Conflict Resolution

there is a battlefield around you at the moment where you are seeking wisdom and answers, it feels like last week was very tough going for you, a lot of challenges arising to the surface, you are letting go and learning to stay in the drivers' seat of your control, you need to work on your third eye more allowing it to naturally awaken and heal within through meditation, communicate your fears and desires across to your higher self and allow the angels to step in and clear away the doubt and confusion away from your present self- you are feeling protective of your vulnerability self. protection from the angelic realm is indeed with you on your journey.

Peace be with you , CR

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Joined: Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:59 am

Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:11 pm

Wow, this is the most comprehensive reading I've ever received from a picture! Thank you!

It all feels very close to home and accurate. I did have a very tough week last week, and I do busy my mind as much as I possibly can. I have disconnected from my "3rd eye" so to speak, reconnecting will take some time, I thank you for the suggestion.

I've been seeing a lot of elephants! And when I was born, my mother was drawing an elephant in the hospital when she felt her water break! It is comforting to hear I have some back up.

I've wondered if the universe doesn't care for me, in that sense as you say to trust it. I will try and do so as I've been getting a lot of signals I don't know how to feel about (excited-then worried i'm just grasping at straws) I constantly am seeing the numbers 3 and 7 for example.

I am very much at a crossroads, that is correct. The next few months will be a deciding time for my life and what will happen in my future.

Also, it is true I am hanging onto my past, thank you for allowing me that moment of realizing I can actually let it go.

And yes I do not discuss these matters with those close to me, energy and such. I try to but don't know how to get across the information without sounding crazy!

Sorry if this response is all over the place!

Thank you so much again.

I'm feeling very blessed for having received this reading.

Light and Love to you and many blessings <3

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Tue Apr 09, 2019 1:19 pm

You are welcome. My door always open if you want to chat in the chatroom at any time. Thank you for the opportunity to read. CR

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Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:59 pm

What comes to me

It feels like on the outside you can come across as a quiet person, however I feel you open up a bit with friends and are willing to be yourself. I feel you like to laugh and are generally not a serious type of person most of the time. I feel some fear in your life having to do with parents or guardian type figures, it seems like you could feel afraid of making mistakes around them as they'd be the type who can be strict to a point of causing a little trauma in a way that makes you feel like you can't be yourself, or that there could be some history of getting 'rowdy' when friends are over and has created this sort of situation for you. I feel you're more of a type of person generally who isn't usually serious and enjoys the feeling of laughter, joking or having fun. I get a sense of fear at school or in a learning environment, in the hallways you may not feel safe and generally just try to keep your head down to glass as I see an image of someone moving through a crowd not trying to bother anyone.

I feel a motherly figure around you who makes me feel both strict and remorseful/sympathy for you, she feels distanced, and I also catch brief glimpses of a father figure who could work with his hands or labor type of job. I don't feel you come from a rich family, seems more like the parents are trying to make ends meet usually, the mother seems worried often. I also feel the relationship with the parents may not always be on stable ground. I also feel as though you may not always get what you want due to money reasons but I feel you have your hobbies to keep you company. Seems like you're generally interested in what people call 'quirky' type of interests or hobbies, these seem related to fantasy like books, animation that sort of thing.

I see a trip coming up with a father figure, you may look forward to this as it seems like you don't get to spend time with this person in a quality way, seems like busyness, stress / money keeps the family from going on trips as often as they'd like. Though it seems like this trip or outing is important because he has something to tell you at that time you should pay attention to involving something heart to heart. The time frame keeps changing so it may not be set in stone but it seems about 3 weeks out, something about 3 weeks out of a month. It seems as this time you can feel alone but your hobbies, and interests will keep you company, you have people looking out for you too so I think its just a phase, you'll move through this time. Lastly I also see a male younger than you, name like D, maybe dennis or something like that who you may be looking for a way to help this person, but it seems like as long as you're there for him thats what matters, not sure theres much that can be done about it.

Lastly I see a key, I see it being put in the pocket and it seems like you should keep or hold onto this. So perhaps if you run into a situation where someone gives you a key, or you find one you're not sure where it goes, perhaps hold onto it. It seems like someone is telling me this. Any who, hope some of that helps. Bless.

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Sun Apr 21, 2019 8:00 pm

Hello :)
Nice to meet you in chat just now.
I thought I'd give it a go and see what I got for you.
You have a lovely personality. Loyal to those close to you. I feel life has taught you that trust is something that people have to earn. I hear that you can be quite observant to new people at first. You want to know what they are about. Your intuition then tells you if it would be ok to continue a contact yes or no. That is a good thing as you shouldn't be putting all your energy out to the next stranger you meet. It feels like you are cocooning that energy for what and who really matters.
I feel that this is something you've learned from life because when you were a bit younger you quickly learned not all are to be trusted. Very wise indeed.
I feel a grandmother who stands close to you and who is your advicer in times of need. She was a natural leader and so are you. You are closely connected and have many personal traits in common.
Also kind of feels like you are going through a phase where you want to persuade something more from life. You are so ready for the next step. Almost impatient and wondering what it is that is still making you wait a bit longer. It's a matter of timing, meeting the right people and then moving ahead. There are wonderful things lined up for you .
Thats it for today

Much love,

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Mon Aug 05, 2019 9:29 pm

I sense right away something that either you or someone has not forgive about this has happen long time ago. I sense youre an very smiley person that is always positive at everything even at the worst moments in life. I sense you have pets 2 dogs there boy and girl dogs I get there names begin with the letters K and S maybe Kim and Sam.I sense you work with alot of papers I see a mess of papers but i sense soon there will be an expected call is link to changing jobs.hope the reading help.

My name is Sheila.

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