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Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:42 pm


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Thu Apr 25, 2019 6:48 pm

Hi Loyalt34!!
Full disclosure, this is my first reading for a stranger but here go.
I had to zoom in on your picture and when I did, I immediately felt winded and a loss breath. To me that signifies that you have a big presence and energy about you. Despite feeling like Mike Tyson just punched me in the stomach, I felt calm and at peace. You've got a strong energy, big and bold deserving of attention, but its also very lovely. Like I said, this is my first time for a stranger but I don't feel nervous because you're energy is calming.
That was all noticeable right away so I wanted to try digging a little deeper and I found something a bit interesting. Your energy flows well but there's one strand or bit that's just doing its own thing. For a visual, your energy flows in a nice circle but then this little guy is just zigzagging wherever it wants. It doesn't feel destructive or negative in nature but it's different from your normal energy. I would keep a close eye on your energy and notice any rapid mood or energy changes. I feel like that energy could cause some chaos (for lack of a better term) by causing a lot of quick mood changes.
Because of that difference, I feel compelled to tell you it's okay to let your emotions flow when you need to. I get the feeling that you have strong emotions so fighting or trying to hold them back is no good. Let the emotions flow when they come and let yourself feel everything.
If that bolt of energy is causing any issues in your life, just know everything is okay. If you keep a close eye on it then you can work on getting it to align properly with the rest of your energy.
You feel like a powerful and caring person with a lovely energy around you.

I hope this was good for you, Loyalty! I'm thankful you put your picture up and I was able to try a picture reading for you. Let me know how I did and if there's anything else :)

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Fri Apr 26, 2019 11:40 am

What I pick up when looking at the picture

The immediate thing is that of loss, hear a name starting with a T, like tommy? Could be someone close to you in spirit thats been around you lately.

I feel a motherly figure in thought and upcoming. I see something relating to this via medical or health, I see this person seeking treatments or getting better. I'm not saying anything bad is going to happen or something like that. I just see events and some feelings. The events I see relating to this person who relates to you are that of you wish this person well and you want them to feel good, happy and healthy. It feels like this person is close to you in thought. I also get the feeling of a disconnect between now and that future feeling, it seems like some distance in space and time not sure why I feel that way but thought I'd mention it.

Nextly Im taking to an image of you laughing, I hear name like 'Jose' sounding. I feel a persons movements that resemble play fighting and get a feeling that this person keeps you on your feet. If the name doesn't make sense hopefully the imagery will. I also hear a name like 'roberto'? so maybe someone with an R name that also relates to these images involving what looks to be friends because I heard 'lets go see robairto' not sure what that means. I see these images with a back drop of my elementary school which makes me think metaphorically it could relate to school or childhood friends. I feel in your past you've been exposde to others who've cause you harm emotionally but in contract to the present it feels like your attitude has changed to one of no worry towards things like that. It feels like you've known toxic people and are over that or do not like toxic people and/or have had enough of it, know how to see it in people and try to avoid them.

I see a mother figure again for some reason, I get a sense that you may pray or wish this person to get well. It seems like it comes from inside you outward as the way I see it so perhaps you feel it inwards and wish things with all your heart. I'm not sure why but I see you walking along side walks with an interesting way of walking, not sure how to best describe it except it looks sort of relax and or not straight up with your back straight.

I see a future event(I think) involving a vehicle. It seems like a male friend is going to take you to look at a car. Its kind of odd in that it appears that you're just looking at this point in the image or event, doesn't seem like you'll purchase it as far as I can tell though, or maybe someone will show you their car based on the imagery. I also feel an aunt type energy, I get a name like ruby or ru- something, it could be a person in spirit whos loving and wishing you well.

I see an importance coming up involving a feeling of firefighting, police or military general feel to it. I see an image of you walking up to someone and standing up straight, kind of like a salute, so not sure if you have some military background or experience but it seems like it relates to this upcoming event. There is also something involving graduation, but for some reason it seems like you're there for someone else but its also kind of odd in that there is a 'missing' feeling relating to it. I also feel something relating to July and an importance of making sure you make it, this could tie into the event previously explained. I hear the name again like T, maybe someone is graduating?

It feels like family is important, and I also fee metaphorical family is important to you. It feels like loyalty and friendship is an important or recurring theme at the moment that could be manifesting in your life and around you. I see a young girl and I hear a name like 'abby' maybe( if the name is wrong dont worry about it) but I get something relating to a different parent involving this person. I feel there are 2 separate people that coincide with an 'ownership' feeling so wondering if you partially take care of a young girl?

I see imagery of grass, it seems like its a hot or warm day, I see you going out to look at another vehicle, seems to be a jeep/suv (I think) maybe dark color like blue? This one seems more promising than the other one I saw. I get a general sense that you like to include others in your decision making and tend to share things if you can with them if they're close to you. Its different in that you have your own personal things, but it seems more like inviting people to try out or see things you buy or want to show it to them.

I get an energy of job/career moves coming up. I see images of cooking food prep and ordering people around so perhaps there are some opportunities there or events that may come about. I feel you're a person whos learned to love through lessons experienced in their past that some people wouldn't normally get to experience or appreciate. I feel you've had some loss and are looking for information regarding friends you've missed and people who've passed. I hear the T name like tommy a bunch for some reason and it feels like some pieces of you may feel missing but overall I get that you try to do your best and have lots of love to give out to those aorund you. You're a type that takes care of their own I feel. Bless and I hope some of this makes sense, if not thats okay too. Thank you for the opportunity to pick up information regarding this image.

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