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Glenn and Casey

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Wed May 15, 2019 1:39 am ... lMdpQKGTQQ
She’s been my friend for 3 years
We never dated
This was taken in October of 2017
She’s distant now
I have a telepathic connection with her and dreams since I been 14
I think I knew her in a past life my birthday is 04/24/97 hers is 11/22/93

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Wed May 15, 2019 2:42 am

Ill do my very best to interpret the specific emotions and traits according to the specific time of the actual photograph given, also the fuzzy clarity of the photo will slightly muddle the reading from lack of efficient eye definition.

From the male im sensing the smile is slightly forced and not entirely genuine based on the flexes of the corners of the mouth leading me to believe your feeling distraught from witnessing her distaste for the situation previously.

The males eyes themselves are very expressive of love and joyous of the situation while at the same time express soft sadness in the right eye making me believe the male is inwardly aware of the "friend only" relationship and has been for a reasonable amount of time considering the extreme soft expression of it instead of it being strong and fresh.

Based on physical positioning she wants to be close enough to you in the photo to not make you more "put down" but at the same time not give you the wrong ideas.

Based on clothing choices I would assume she likes to feel "wanted" yet partly accepts/doesn't accepts responsibility for what this may imply to you, "not accepting" winning over leading me to believe her personality is more of a slight "diva" I guess is the word meaning she enjoys attention, isn't susceptible, and avoids responsibility for how she makes men feel but is more caring for your particular situation.

The females eyes appear to be numb as in socially apt/emotionally protected from feeling too much for others yet she "doesnt seem" narcisistic and has a good heart which is expressed through a medium/average layer of guilt in the right eye telling me she is fully aware of your feelings for her but does not hang out with you out of that guilt and genuinely cares for you as a friend though not quite as much as previously - she may have "led you on" at first possibly but feels slight shame (3 out of 10) for doing so - lastly there is a light layer of aggravation for your over expression of care for her as she seems to me to be expressing inner sadness for how things have become with you and her coupled with the guilt I would say she feels somewhat responsible for such.

The sadness though shouldnt be sought after for reconcile as she feels like the person to be aggressively protective of her inner most feelings and its very possible the aggravation will become increasingly apparent in the future as her personality feels "I like you as a friend but your feelings are becoming over bearing and it makes me uncomfortable".

I hope this was satisfactory to you Glennshap and hope you will continue to stay with us, I wish you all the best friend :) take care.

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