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Unread post Tue Oct 10, 2017 10:33 pm


I have been going through a really rough year. Failed my exam. Unemployed. Dad is sick with cancer. The guy I loved, who was my pillar said he doesnt love me..was seeing another woman without my knowledge and now hates me for tipping her off.

Will things ever get better for me?

I used to these dreams like last year before I met my ex I saw this dream where I was told the guy meant for me is confused between me and another girl..until he decides I will remain alone.

Idk if it pertained to my ex.

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Loving Silent Voice
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Unread post Wed Oct 11, 2017 1:21 am

Hello, Lavender!

You are currently unemployed.... is it true?
Let's think about it for a few minutes here. Please just know that I am not doing a reading.

Notice how you react to the thought "I'm unemployed".

When it comes to a job:
Whose business is it, who you hire? Yours. Whose business is it who they hire? Theirs. What happens to your life when you mentally go into their business? That's where anxiety comes from. it's like you're already running their business and they haven't even hired you. You are in the wrong job.

Just to notice mentally....Whose business you're in. Whose company are you running? Whose life are you running? Whose world are you running? And just notice how much effort that takes. And that can just bring you right back to your own business. Where you're standing or sitting and noticing all the gifts around you....they are limitless. I mean, look where you're sitting and notice what's holding you...that chair, and what's holding that chair, and what's holding that.

I mean, this is a miracle. This is a miracle being lived and when we are mentally out of our business, we miss what's really going on. Now, to me, that's being employed. That's the job that matters because in what people call "the now" or "in the now"....that's where everything you are to do in life is possible. I mean, it could be just doing the dishes. It's like, a thought comes, "To do the dishes" That's your employment. If you can't do that when someone hires you, what are they hiring? So, you think the thought, "Do the dishes", and for some of us, our mind overrides it, like "what's for?" "It's not my turn" "He dirtied the dishes!" and so on. It overrides that first, clear direction. You want a great job? Okay, first do the dishes. Just do that...and then it's like do the laundry. I mean, it's just the marvelous, marvelous thing to do.

Oh, you know, sweetheart, that is the greatest employment I think we can have. And then the phone rings, and they say, "You got the job!" and you's like "Next!" I've done the dishes, you know? If I can do the dishes on cue, I can do that. Or maybe not. Let's just go see what's next, you know? That's your job. And if you don't love it, then it shows you what's next. Because that's your employment...that's your job. It's always priority with you. So that way, you're more user-friendly to the world. Isn't that your heart's desire? Being fully employed is also when you are dedicated to putting applications in everywhere. That's employment. And who they hire is none of your business. It's not kind, it's not respectful to run their company when you are not even paid to. It certainly costs you the awareness of what is, right here, in this moment and that's a beautiful thing. Now, if they hire you, you make the money so then you're going to be comfortable. Well, you can have that right now because if you can't be comfortable here, then you can't be comfortable over there. So this is know? it's like why put it off? Why put off the joy of living right now when having a job, mentally, is designed to give you that ultimately? So, we never have to wait for that. It's like we can retire now on the job. If they hire you and you love it, It's just doing the dishes. No more, no less.

Sweetheart...just identify what you're thinking. It's up to you what you are doing right now and choose how you react to your thoughts. And about your ex.... It's not my place to tell you what to do. But I can tell you one thing....just know that it is not his job to love you, It's yours.

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Unread post Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:13 pm

Thank you for your wisdom. It certainly did give me some new perspective, hopefully I would be less anxious about my current situation. Sigh often everyday passes by with me thinking I was not good enough. I really want to change that.

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Loving Silent Voice
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Unread post Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:22 pm

Ah...notice that thought "I am not good enough". Is it true?

You are good enough and there's nothing you can do about that. You don't have a choice about that. That's our true nature and any thought that you may be thinking and believing which it opposes to "I'm good enough" or "I'm loved" is going to feel like stress because it's untrue. It could never be true that you are not loved or that you're not good enough. But you know, to the believer, what I say; it's just not going to make any difference. But to the believer who sits down and questions what they're believing about themselves and others and the world, there can be radical mind shift in the way you see, you, sweetheart, and in the world. And also, honey, you don't need to be with us to love us. Feel that. Isn't that marvelous? I mean, you just don't have to be with us to love us. That's yours.

You might ask "is that okay?" Oh, that's completely okay. It's not about do you love me. It's about do I love you and that's beyond a physical body. Also, being alone most of the time is not a bad thing when you love your thoughts and it's not a bad thing to be alone when you don't love your thoughts and have inquiry, because you're dealing with your thoughts. Love those. You don't have to go out into the world to love people. Love your thoughts. Question them until you understand them. For me, you know, I named that love. I'm no longer at war with what I think. I understand. So, also, time alone gives you time. It can even give you a career in questioning your thoughts about you, us, the world, yourself, as you understand you to be. It's also good you are not invited out much and you don't have to be invited. You can go alone. But wherever you go, you're going to go with your mind, so you're never alone. If you thought there's something wrong with you because you are not invited by your friends or someone, just know, "I'm invited when I needed to be." You would be amazed at the invitations you might get that you have to say no to it and it could be that you're not quite ready for that kind of interaction, too. Who knows? Also, you can go alone. You're welcome to invite us and we will say yes and no as you need it, if you need it. If you need our no, that's what we're going to say. If you need our yes, that's what we are going to say, because it's all about you. It's never about us.

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