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I am 5 months pregnant with bfs second kid. I lost my job and stressed out so I moved to stay with my family in Southern California. Bf is on parole and couldn't come so he stayed with his mom. We didn't break up. However he cheated on me. He admits and still cheats after he told me he going stop.

I am hurt that I have been lied too. I have been with him for 7 years. I am at the verge to just let it go. My question is for those that have psychic ability. I want to know if my boyfriend Pondy will change and reunite with me or is he going to be the way he is not change.

Thank you for your time.
Picture of us
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from the photo I can sense that he does hold some amount of love for you and guilt in his eyes for his actions against you though he is unable and unwilling to change, not impossible but something drastic and nothing short of a miracle would turn him around. His happiness is real in seeing his smile that displays true feeling towards you, your expression is one of great aggravation and disappointment towards him though your eyes are difficult to see I feel that you want him in your life more than anything. He's very hardheaded and unwilling to listen as his ego shrouds his thoughts and inner feelings. your left eye shows deep hidden sadness that's expressed quite often despite your continued let downs to unwanted answers.

your very beautiful and I wish you the best and will pray he comes around before its too late.

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Unread post Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:39 pm

Wow. I am greatly appreciated for your time and reading. I truely am. You are exactly right. He is very hard-headed and usually lets me down. I always wanted a happy family where he should put our family first. Trying to change him will only leads to changing me. I find it is disappointing with all the empty promises. I tried my best to support and provide for the family but it is draining me. As much as I love him, I might eventually let go. I pray and hope too that he will turn his life around.

Thank you again ❤❤

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