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Completely lost with no idea what to do

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Unread post Thu Oct 26, 2017 3:01 pm

Need an epiphany moment. If anyone could give any insight as to what I need to be doing, it'd be much appreciated.

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Unread post Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:33 pm

I see the fear of uncertainty in your eyes, I know...too easy right, but even with no text this unknowing sense would still be pretty overpowering. A lot of pain and abuse and a broken will is very apparent as well, this is a major turning point in your life I feel, it isn't what you should be doing, its what you shouldn't.

Search inside yourself and keep your eyes and ears open to any form of enlightenment, try meditation or atleast calming your mind to the point no negative or positive thoughts can reach in and take away your attention. what do you want at that exact moment, forget the past and the future for now just listen to your inner desire that can be accomplished with a simple trip or something that can easily be done right now.

whatever this goal is or wherever you want to go, do it, don't let anything distract you as you do this, simply acknowledge your thoughts and whats around you and keep going, at some point you should come to a realization and find guidance however small.

Look around you and listen to whoever is there, what's their conversation about? what are they doing? what does the atmosphere feel like? take in this information and apply it to your life currently to find hints of guidance. If you are alone somewhere or no one is around you, ask yourself questions about why this is happening or what seems different this time than other times you did the same thing?

Everyone has a purpose in this world and when lost there are signs so few people notice that can give you some form of assistance in finding your place, you must have a clear mind to do this, why do so many people not catch these things?.....
its because their either too busy or too ignorant to listen or too clouded with human emotion to notice the smaller signs. everyone has their own guide or their own form of enlightenment hiding in plain sight, sometimes with a quiet mind your subconscious will take over and give you untapped insight into the problems your facing but if you don't stay calm and collective you might as well be talking to a brick wall.

when the mind is quiet for long enough, it will start to wander automatically and conjure up your subconscious that could have hidden answers, if any emotion or doubt or fear or anger or envy or happiness or delight comes into your thinking you need to toss it out, turn yourself off and simply listen. If difficult then try doing what I do and block out your senses as much as you can, close your eyes and clog your hearing to where the only sense you really have left is your intuition. start up the google search engine and read up on "mental effects of solitary confinement" and you should get the gist of what I mean.

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