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Me and my boyfriend

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:38 am
by MochaM35
This is my boyfriend want to know what's going to happen between us please I need help anyone

Re: Me and my boyfriend

Posted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:51 am
by D3F3ND3R
Deep love and admiration fills your eyes Mocha, you are kind hearted and feel the pain of others, it makes me sad for you it really does, the best people in this world suffer the most, sometimes my own past has made me think the world isn't made for people like this but we stand as a firm example to others and we are needed greatly even if others refuse to acknowledge it.

Your boyfriends eyes hold a deeply buried self guilt and I do mean "Deep", i feel a great deal of uncaring from him for the world around him and even his own family most times, he goes by his own desires and sees no consequence for his actions or how they affect other people, all people have good in them but his own is very concealed through his own life of struggle and misfortune which the only good thing of this is he may be able to connect with others who have shared his same fate. This man may have been good to you during your short time I'm unsure of this, but i believe it was his own guilt and the sorrow he felt for you that kept it moving along.

I'm truly sorry Mocha :( there is always a chance but if it were me i would reconcile with my feelings and let it go to go on to new joys in life and find someone that will truly cherish and value you for who you are. I do hope youll stay with us and learn to love us as a part of your family and if not then i wish you only the best. Best regards Defender.