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trying to connect with my dad who passed away

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:01 pm
by luvstrong
just wanting to kno if he is ok and would love to hear form him would mean alot to me

Re: trying to connect with my dad who passed away

Posted: Sat May 06, 2017 4:03 pm
by Cevin North
The words we sa, the whispers done, its all there coming out like a little song.

when you were little, and felt verry young, i thought i was massive, and to be honest quite strong. However soethig went so wrong. I hurt i my troat, and it went so fast. Before i remember, the future was past. In case you do wonder, these words are mine along, they are not from the person who answered my " telephone" .

Hope what i get helps you a bit, this is what i got when i looked at his picture for you.


Cevin North.

Re: trying to connect with my dad who passed away

Posted: Sun May 07, 2017 10:00 am
by CelticRose
I have a man approaching and linking in on a hearing connection - his voice is softly spoken, 5’7 in height - quite tall - 37 he says as a number in relation to this photo, 45-50 age group and 2006, he has a peaceful but quiet gentler but strong vibration and is a deep in thought, he stands over to my left, he is a father figure to sitter. He’s stood back in the link as though he’s coming on a distant link, his presence feels quite shy in the past, but he says he can come forward now. 1950 is also mentioned, and also links to French Indies. His occupation was a teacher, but still is a teacher, he says. Just my subject has changed, plumber is also mentioned, so he was a practical man, knew his way around a lot of things, he has a pink light surrounding him too, says the month of November, 6th, as a anniversary, says the name of John as well. Heart-attack is mentioned in the back of link, it was quite sudden. A shock to the system, for not just him but family members….he mentions the pelvis, also pain in the neck on my right hand side at the base of the neck is linked, but…..also get the words wartime soldier as well around him, and links to Scotland - Dundee, and Cardiff way is also mentioned in this link.

he says you times are ahead of you, says to say stop worrying about me, focus on healing yourself, you are being given all the evidence that he is here around you, so start listening to the signs to say that we are with you, he’s saying he knows you’ve been seeing them about, and you have been noticing them, he mentions about transport, about transport being rubbish! those buses are never on time, especially when you are going to an appointment, he says also a silver car, got to watch out for as could quite easily prang, says to say ok honey bun, he is sending love to you, he refers to an appointment on 2nd of may, that of which could have been a close call, remember to keep yourself on your toes, ties also mentioned, cut them, you don’t need to be carrying the extra weight of energy.

he’s steps back now but leaves you with a red rose, so you know where he is if you need him, with love from him and spirit world!
Hope this resonates - Peace :)

Re: trying to connect with my dad who passed away

Posted: Tue Sep 26, 2017 7:34 pm
by Crackersisback
Dad brings a teddy bear with him ad to say for my lil girl whom I love believe its who the n red ribbon he passed young looks to me as a hit n run but to u no worries he comes always with lite n love books he stands next to looks a library of books he was as avid reader of non fiction enjoyed family time hug

Re: trying to connect with my dad who passed away

Posted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 6:50 am
by Stargazer72
Touches your face right side. You may feel tickle or itch on side of face.
Always will hold your hand.

Sorry for your loss. Hope this has helped.
This is my 1st try ever.