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pic reading please ?

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Unread post Thu May 18, 2017 9:57 pm

this is a photo of my late mother doreen eadie past way on the 2/11/2009
do,s anyone get any messages thank you

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Unread post Sun Jun 11, 2017 1:30 am

a very pleasant lady always gave of herself in fact a giver she has the soul of an angel and adored life all together good sense of humor also i see butterflies

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Unread post Mon Jun 12, 2017 12:02 pm

This lady had a jolly sense of humor is the description given meaning that she was very positive over all sorts of things in life, never let the bad get to her - not even on a good day, sensing she had pain or tension in the hips, feel tears in the right eye; 62 is the age springing to mind, she has a peaceful vibration, but tension of stress headache also in the temples, she wasn’t that tall, about 5’4 in height, cuddly medium build, she knew exactly what she was going through and hid a lot from family, there was certain things she kept hidden for fear of what other people would say, she has a soft spoken thought voice; very direct when she wanted to be - stern expression but when she smiled, you’d know because the smile made her eyes sparkle - but seems cross over a situation happening around you in the sense that you need to be more trusting of spirit having your back to protect you, she has a gentle approach but mentions a word like Adelaide, She is very strong in her political viewpoints as well. Very aware with her knowing ability, as though she would know certain things about someone she met in reality and she’d tell them so too - 26th September is a date linking with her energy
she says she can come forward now

You haven’t been doing much work about what you should be doing, instead you’ve been worrying to the point of that its creating a distraction for you and diverting your focus from the more important things that you ought to be completing like focusing on where you want to be in life regarding your career and move. She’s also showing me as scratching her head like you’ve been thinking about doing this but not actually finding the get up and go to take action on it. You need to take action on it; enough thinking but more action.
She’s mentioning about the path before you, that surely you can see it. It is materializing in the now - you have come to the right place! Here is where you are meant to be!

You also have a phoenix totem around you appearing helping you transform yourself from the past into the person you want to be. But to do that first you need to listen to your heart and follow true with any dreams and aspirations you have in the now. Ditch those second thoughts, doubt and ego; free yourself from the past trappings. she also says she loves you too. But start believing in yourself and trusting in you - she also gives me a name of Mary Jane also and says that these are family names - names in the family also Joseph.

She’s stepping back now gizmo but leaving you with a star pendant for you to take with you on your journey; to help with focus and concentration too in relation to path, she wants you to know that she is with you, and you can call her forward if you need to by simply knowing she is there and around you, supporting you always, like a trooper!
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Unread post Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:41 pm

Hello, im Ashley. I'd like a reading please for me relationship. I'm an Aries and Christina is a Sagittarius. We've been together for almost 2yrs now, but I just found out that she did something that is the ultimate betrayal. She slept with the man who raped me 7yrs ago & she knew about this too. She said it was solely to get back at me for cheating one time. I'm highly unsure if we'll have a future of misery or if we will get past this... For some reason, it seems that no mattto er what she does to me I still won't let her go. Why?? I've never been codependent.

I'm on the right side. She's on the left. Thank you!

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Unread post Thu Jun 15, 2017 7:28 am

Sorry Ashley, I don't do relationship readings at all simply because what's worked out is within your heart and love is found best at a time when its least expected. Maybe try making a new thread in this section as you would be more likely to have your thread seen by other people/readers rather than posting to another's thread. More opportunity to be read then. :)
Don't lose sight of your path.

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