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Under Eye Twitching

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Unread post Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:41 pm


I would like to know if the under eye twitching means anything?

This is my belief that my right and left eyes twitch when I'm to get some kind of message or warning from the universe/angels?

I've also noticed that my left eye twitching is almost always followed by some kind of bad-news. It can range from the smallest errors that I would make, to traffic tickets, to bigger hardships like accidents and even some kind of disaster.

Right eye twitching is not very significant but I'm guessing it means something good as if someone is wishing well, has good intentions or may be even missing me.

The intensity also varies... but mostly its a dull sensation to mild twitches but occasionally I have experienced very strong twitching as well. It can last for minutes to hours and sometimes for days, with the frequent occurrence.

I've asked a few psychics, but no one ever validates if it's true. I mostly get an advice getting my eyes checked :grin:

Does anyone else also have the same or similar experience? Please share....

Is that some kind of psychic ability that I should work on or can improve? I am definitely a sensitive person and gifted with dreams but again, I don't know how to improve my capabilities?

Any advice would be helpful.


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Unread post Mon Jul 31, 2017 5:56 pm

There is no hard, fast rule that they mean a thing. EXCEPT that you noticed they precede certain occurrences in your life. That is good enough for me. Have known people with such a twitch and thought to tell you that one side may mean spirit/guidance is near. But, you know that already.

Our experience validates our selves and our being. You never need an outside approval to know what you perceive as way of tells (that 'Angel Twitch') are real or no. You already know. Trust it. ;)

For example, I have an odd shake, like hypothermia without the cold, when spirit is near or message/communication is coming through. Some times it is light, others, yeah, could mix paint with ease. Everyone is different.

Just tells me you have the touch.

Be proud of it. :thumbsup:
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Unread post Mon Jul 31, 2017 6:03 pm

Thank you. So kind of you.

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Unread post Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:30 pm

Hi Uzie

This is not unheard of.. some psychics can definitely feel as a sense. A good example some explain is feeling left side go cold is female, right for male (in mediumship)

Or another common one mentioned is to feel ears burning when another is talking about you/ tingling. If you have noticed a pattern, I would agree with Shadow that it must be the way you receive certain messages

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