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I would like to request a reading from anyone drawn to me, am going through a rough patch. Thank you.

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ok this post can be deleted no responses

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I ask to remote view your energy with positive intention only, so as to ensure you know that I have genuine intentions at heart. I am now viewing your username and seeing beyond it now to tune into your energy/journey. I would like to request feedback either on this thread or on my celticrose’s bio thread after the reading too - feedback is important as it lets us as readers know if we are on track with our intuition. As you know future isn’t etched in stone, you have the choice to choose your own path in life and take what resonates on board with you in the present journey.

firstly there is a song that springs to mind with crazy little thing about love sung by Queen/Freddie Mercury - the lyrics I’m hearing is - “gotta be cool, relax, hitchhike, get all my tracks, gotta be ready, crazy little thing called love!”

There is a close relationship around you with you and someone who has an interest in your personal feelings in finding love between you both, wherein there is doubt & confusion and a bundle of different feelings that I’m picking up like frustration and also regret in the sense that positive action should have been taken on this a long time ago.

I sense you are worrying about the little things in your life and you have been trying to save up enough money also to make ends’ meet, you are questioning the inner and outer lesson in life and also the direction of your pathway indefinitely at the moment, also doing a bit of soul searching around you too. This situation is linked to June (end of june), where you have felt more disconnected and distant from people around you equally though those family members that you trust and have trusted. I also feel like someone close to you on a friendship level was someone who you thought you could trust, but you have been hurt by them fairly recently and are still protective of yourself as it feels like its put you in a vulnerable position, where you have felt the need to protect yourself further.

You have an interest in crystals, also, picking up the need of QUARTZ (clear) in your life, clear quartz helps with intuition and focus, there are a number of things that you have been questioning and are adjusting to making the transitions of changes that are occurring within your regular routine. You are being asked to trust in your heart’s word, for it is resonating truth at this stage in your journey, page of cups shows this is connected to an older male energy who comes across as a veteran, but he has been around for a time even feels like a paternal elder figure like father or grandfather in some aspects, but is very wise all around in others, this man is also very wise too and he's here to help you see the world for what it is in knowing that it doesn’t have to be always on your shoulders, you can trust in him, though and know that you have protection from the guides and earth angels that are with him. I feel like he’s in spirit, but is someone watching over you from the other side of the veil, he has a firm team of helpers with him that are ready to step in and help when you ask them too, though.

Last card is the devil - not necessarily a bad card in that way, far from it. Brings to mind a position that you are in as in the option you know and the other option that you don't yet know, but you know sometimes in some ways, a small change is as good as any major change if only to put things into motion. This card brings to mind the feeling that you are suppressing your own desires and not doing the things that you want to do - whether it is taking action on a dream of yours that you have always wanted to do - the guidance and funds to do it will materialize into your life soon up to the frame time of a month / couple of months time, i’m being shown the moon also whose energies are fairly relaxing for you, being out in the night sky and watching the stars too…. brings you happier vibe just being out in nature and knowing there is freedom beyond the situation that you are currently in.

This also brings to mind the song “Birds in Cages” But you are not in a cage… even though it may feel like it, the illusion of feeling trapped is definitely clearing along with the indecision and confusion. You have the key to unlock the answers from within you, your soul knows exactly what it seeks / searches for, so try asking your higher self for answers via meditation, through that you can meet your own guides and ascertain the way forward that’s best for you. I also hear the words “Unlock the future that you seek and pave the way forward from the present into the next chapter!” New beginnings are indeed on the horizon, but may take a while for the thoughts/ and motion to be set into place. Once you find your balance and your wings, you will learn how to fly! And on the wings of freedom you will fly!

Peace & Blessings SilveryWater72, hope that this resonates. I used Tarot Of Dreams tarot for your request today. CR
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