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Im just so lost

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Unread post Thu Aug 10, 2017 3:48 am

this is my first post and im not sure if i am doing this right. but i just need to say it and hope mlle someth and pray someone can give me something to build on. well here goes, short version. On june 17 th my whole world fell apart. I found out that my dtr and my boyfriend (my family) have been lying behind my back for months. beause my dtr is gay and was going to her girlfriends house with the help of my booyfriend. Now the day I found all ths out, my dtr also accused my boyfriend of making some kind of deal with her underwear. so she ran away from home for 4 days. she and herr grlfriends fmly call cys. and my dtr snt allowed back n the house. I went off on boyfriend about the ounderwear and told him about cys. He then tred to commit suicide was in hospital for 10 days,, gets out of hospital and goes to back to his exwiife. He treats me lke dcrap and with hatred and he has destoyed the house. I now live on the other side of the duplex with nothing and no money nno food. lost 30 lbs already. And on top of that, because I was thrown into the position i am in, I have to give custody of my daughter away. I had no knowledge any of this was going on. I lost my daughter, my man, my family,, my home and my life as I knew it, at no fault of my own. I was blindsided. I trusted them, they are were my family, now I have absolutely nothing. They both treat me with hatred, and they give me no explanatiion. I am so so lost.

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Unread post Sat Aug 12, 2017 2:30 am

Hi Lorilou

Welcome to ABT. Yes you're posting fine, that's ok

This isn't a reading as such, just some advice to hopefully help in some way
Firstly, i'm really sorry to hear about your daughter. I feel you most likely know in your heart where this is going but your daughter running away and then what happened when you confronted him.. I feel that speaks volumes when it comes to finding out what is true.. what happened...

I can understand you are probably feeling guilt for not knowing this was going on. That's completely understandable and is to be expected in this situation. It's tough to understand where the cys may be coming from in preventing your daughter from coming home and i'm sure has hurt so much , but perspective
-your daughter is now safe-- they have to consider any risk at all.. even if you haven't done a thing, the fact that (person) who (was) there did.. they have to put that before anything else. This is very tough I understand and I can't imagine how much of a shock this is for you. I would say you are probably going to need some practical support here for sure ... in coming to terms with losing custody of daughter, accepting what has happened to you all as it sounds like things have been pretty awful for a while. I'm sorry - good on you for confronting him.

You say they both treat you with hatred. Again it's hard but with the man... he's trashed the house and treated you awfully, whilst I respect this is not easy in any sense. . personal opinion you are so much better off away from him.. both of you... you and daughter... as it sounds like you were -both- at risk...... through no fault of your own.. but as hard as this is... this is probably for the best. I dread to imagine what else could have happened but, your safety and your daughters .. is so important...

Your daughter: 'm unsure of how old daughter is but it's important to remember with teens not to take everything personally. I feel the situation of her sexuality and then the (issue you mentioned) and now the issue over her not able to come home.. sounds like she's very stressed out. That along with hormones & school (assuming she's a teenager ) .. it's really going to snowball and it's definitely possible she could take this out on others around her. They can sometimes find it difficult to channel their emotions and communicate. They can say things without thinking... a sudden reaction to a situation. They are reactions... usually without rational thought given prior.. so they don't stop to think about how they are reacting - shouting , blaming, (etc). It's all anger within, and whilst it seems to be directed at you, please please remember that it's not to say you -are- the one to blame. I'm sure it feels that way sometimes.. it can be so hard to not feel like you're messing it all up. But you're not... she is just angry, confused, sad, shocked, feeling scared.... you know the main emotion behind anger is....fear..... hugs

That's terrible the situation you are in right now and I do feel for you. Are there any local foodbanks at all?? maybe I could search for you.. i'm only familiar with uk supports but let me know where you are? there must be something , some way.. some solution financially, at least to keep you going in the short term.....

You're definitely going to need a lot more support and i'm also wondering, do you have any professionals supporting you at all? any close friends who could help? relatives?
for the short term

As for readings, I can understand why you'd be seeking one out.. as there is relief in knowing there is a way forward or a solution. Maybe one of the members readers can help you out. We have guidelines on receiving readings here at ABT.. we generally ask all new members wait for a short 2 week period and have 15 forum posts before requesting (this is nothing personal, we have it in place so that things flow smoothly. We have many people coming wanting instant readings/and have in the past.. the 2 week period helps the flow and helps the psychic readers keep up so we can help. In the meantime there are so many different threads you can post on... :o)
Once the 2 weeks are over and you have 15 posts, you're welcome to request a reading on one of the readers' bios in the forum
You may have already seen but we have a picture readings forum where you can request a picture reading. You're welcome to start a thread there (if you feel comfortable to share your pressure though)

Really hoping we can help in some way. But for now .. just some advice to help ... this is such a rough time but there are people out there who care and can help you.

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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