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hello everyone

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Unread post Mon Aug 21, 2017 5:50 am


if it is at all possible to request a reading from anyone that is drawn to me please? very much appreciated.
thank you in advance

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Unread post Sun Aug 27, 2017 12:15 pm

Hello lonelyday :welcome2: To Anybodythere

I hope you find all you're searching for here. Hopefully someone will feel drawn to read for you in time. :thumbsup:

If you have no success with this post, I wonder if it would be a better idea for you to post a picture in the 'A Picture = 1000 words' Forum.
In this forum we do photo readings- these are open to new members. You are welcome to post a photograph of yourself to be read

Another way is to request a reading on a Bio of a Reader in this section of the Forum. Feel free to read through the psychic's bio & feedback threads. All of our Meember Readers have set guidlines on receiving a reading with them. For example, some ask that you have 15 posts in the forum (This gives us a chance to see that members are contributing/willing to contribute in return for Readers time. As we hope you can understand, we need a few guidelines in place to prevent people misusing the site (dropping in for readings, then vanishing) ... However we do allow for readings to take place if a Reader is drawn. :thumbsup:

We have An Evening with Akasha & Guest Readers on September 2nd, in our Chat Rooms - Feel free to come along and join us. Akasha, Gracie Hatchet, Crackers & 6Cats will be holding Free Readings for those they are drawn to in the Chat Rooms
Highly recommended and you're welcome to join us. :hugs: That will be 8pm BST/UK time. And 7am PST.

Take care

Sam j
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Unread post Thu Sep 21, 2017 11:58 pm

thank you Sam!

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Unread post Fri Sep 22, 2017 6:08 pm

you have a lot of orange in your aura, orange is connected to your sacral chakra which shows that you have been through some emotional turmoil called heartache and loss, but feel its in the past in childhood that has led to a personal transformation of your beliefs both past and present, it is deeply rooted as painful time in your awareness, but you have learned how to rise on and heal yourself from the inside out so that you can learn how to face every day with a smile

at this point in the reading i feel there’s a self-made barrier also to overcome so that you can learn how to open if you wish and answer your calling to your path, it may be that you aren’t quite ready to open yet, but yet your crown chakra feels spinney like it is swirling open, but you don’t feel as ready as you thought you did, with the comes an indecision, and confusion as to why these occurrences are happening to you, i sense doubt also in your heart over this as to whether or not you are open, you are opening and becoming more aware and in tune with your intuition, which is your inner voice telling you in distinctively what you need to know

there was also a time where you tended to go within to find peace and solitude , you are empathetic as well and dislike crowds or crowded places, i sense posture is key here too- you are carrying burdens on your shoulders but they are not your own, its a feeling that other people come to confide in you because they know you can keep your counsel.

i also get two names here Sophie and also Danielle, and the name Trudy, as two people you can rely on to see you through difficult times, you have been stood at a crossroads as well as of late in life wondering whether to take the next step forwards and bring in the much needed changes to take you forwards to the next level of awareness and development. you have a lot of love and light surrounding you with this to take away any fears and comforting you to ensure that you make the right decision and trust firmly in your heart. while you do wear darker colors at the moment for protection, there is a sense of turquoise and also calming green is a lovely forest green coming forward with angel energy of AA Raphael who is around you listening to your prayers and thought related prayers of healing requests. lastly i’m being shown financially there is a money situation around you at the moment where money is being lost like trickling through your fingertips, i see a very patient person also collecting money after them, and saving it to make ends meet, you also have a butterfly totem around you too bringing in with it the much needed change and personality qualities of that butterfly—— in social situations as well as a loved one who has been thinking of you in a loving but beautiful way, so if you see butterfly around you on your journeys - think of it as a sign from spirit to say they’ve seen and acknowledged you and have heard your wishes/prayers.

that's all I've picked up today. Hope that that resonates. peace & blessings, CR
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