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Unread post Thu Aug 24, 2017 7:04 pm

Hello I was wondering if someone could help me by giving me a reading I'm very lost and confused ?

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Hi Lighter,.

OK, Just a quick read with my tarot cards, and my very basic knowledge of them. The first card (THE CHARIOT), obstructed by (EIGHT OF CUPS - walking away/loss of some kind). So I feel this might be signifying you commencing a journey - but the journey is one you are unsure about. There's a sense of loss here, that might be related to walking away from a much more structured life, responsibilities and losing a sense of your own power. I can imagine it being a tough road to walk right now.

In the past, I see, (EIGHT OF RODS REVERSED) - which to me symbolizes things going slowly. The (KING OF SWORDS REVERSED) also shows up, which signifies manipulation by a word-smart, older man or woman - perhaps this might be someone in your life? By focusing too much on a manipulative influence, you forgot the real help and support that was out there (FIVE OF PENTACLES), perhaps thinking you were alone to deal with things, when in actuality the help was there all along (and still is).

In the present position, the (SEVEN OF SWORDS) where a man is clearing up blades after a battle. There is a sense of "picking up the pieces" here, and followed by the (SEVEN OF RODS) a sense of defensiveness - perhaps not really knowing who you can trust. The queen of pentacles shows up here - I sense this represents either a good friend in your life who is resourceful on a practical level and fairly well grounded, as pentacles people are, or someone you know of who could be of great assistance right now.

Advice was (SEVEN OF PENTACLES), (THE HERMIT REVERSED) AND THE (TWO OF PENTACLES). Together, these might suggest to me that while things are chaotic right now and you might not feel good about yourself, don't lose sight of your acheievements this far and the good you have done. Making mistakes doesn't make us bad, it makes us human. Perhaps isolating yourself has served a purpose, but it might be time to reach out and connect (at least in collaboration, if not therapy) with someone to get your gears anchored into the machine of day to day life again.

I asked if there was a love relationship. I got the Emporer reversed - which again, is a card of manipulation. Then (THE EMPRESS). There may have been a chance you were manipulated because you were the inverse of everything the person lacked (kind, nurturing, forgiving, loving). Has there been infidelity involved (on your part or another's?) - I sense this would bring a fair amount of worry and that things need to be looked at from another angle (THE HANGED MAN) because through the current emotional lens things are not as clear as they should be. (LOVERS REVERSED) is close to (THE DEVIL) for me - an almost obsessive or addictive focus on someone to the extent that one loses sight of themselves and their acheivement and only on pouring love (QUEEN OF CUPS REVERSED) in an almost co-dependant way on another to please them and in doing so, have the other confirm their worth.

(ACE OF CUPS) at the end suggests the love has always been there. First and foremost in you. By the looks of the last two cards (TEN OF PENTACLES, FOUR OF RODS) you have a fair amount of love at home or within your family. Don't forget about it.

Be interested to hear if any of the points hit home for you.

Wishing you well.


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