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Posting on behalf of Fenton - Samj

Hello all, :welcome:

I need to give a bio, so here goes
I was born, grew up, and was very young when I started to notice now what I understand as psychic traits as relates to the clair's more specifically clairaudient, this was very tough on me as a kid. How I got here is something I want to skip ahead to, for sake of post. When I was 25 I became a student at The School of Metaphysics. Metaphysics is my bread and butter, so when I ramble on about things that make you say What? That's usually it. A year later I began to open up a bit more and left the school, they opened a lot of doors, but there views on reading psychic/spirit differed from what I felt a passion with. I wanted to further my development as a psychic and then later found my heart was in spirit. I meet a lot of teachers along the way, my most noted worked at a local shop here in Dallas that sold gem/crystals amongst other things many would call occult but I don't like that word. I began to work with stones/crystals and focused more on medium ship. I lost touch with this teacher, she was a very wise and talented teacher and I think about her a lot.

I was about 27 when I meet my first guide and add that into my bio because that meeting I consider a very important part of development. So I worked with her for about a year and sat with her in pretty much all my face to face circles, I consider this my introduction to reading spirit. She had to close her circle (this is where I lost touch) so I started looking for other ways of practicing. I became a member of my first online psychic chat, a disagreement between the owner and I led to me leaving and finding my second home. Which is still my home to this day, during that time I had heard about ABT and decided to check it out and join. So now I have two homes!!

So here I am a long story short I'm now 34 and still a novice, part of the reason I joined here was to start from scratch to get a different perspective. Which might be a little difficult now, but in any case here I am and here we go, glad to be here

If you have received a reading with me please leave your feedback below.


"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." - A. A. Milne

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