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A Twins Life

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Unread post Tue Oct 16, 2018 10:49 pm

Looking for a Class A Medium to work through this curse: Read Below my story

I and my twin Bob were born on March 20th 1967 to a wonderful mother and pretty good dad.
Growing up, Bob and I had the ability to speak to each other without saying a word.

As I grew older, I developed the ability to see things as they were happening to family member and when one would pass I would be visited by them. My mother died about 20 years ago and when she passed I was not expecting it. She had breast Cancer however I did not think she was doing as bad as she apparently was.
The evening she passed she woke me in the middle of the night and was sitting on the edge of my bed rubbing my hair. A few moments later my older sister called to tell me Mom had passed and before she could say anything to me I said mom is dead. She just visited me. It freaked my sister out beyond words.
In 1985 I had my first of several episodes of what I guess could be explained as kinetic temper tantrums one of which happened in School when I walked into a room and the trash can lifted up and smashed against a wall. No one knew it was me except my twin who stared at me angry and later called me out telling me to control it before walking away from me.
Later the next summer my father and I were driving up a highway and stopped at a stop light where 2 other teenagers were making funny faces at me and then flipped me off. I looked at the driver and said GO!! in my mind when he stepped on the gas running the stoplight and nearly got himself smashed by a truck. My father scolded me and told me to never do that again. I had no idea he could tell what was happening.
The following year I had a vision of my older brother having a car accident with is 2 daughters in the back seat. I called from the JC where I was my mother who called me back and confirmed he was in an accident however everyone was ok.
Throughout my life I have been blessed/cursed with this and never tried to develop this as I vowed not to with my twin.
On August 21st, 2017 Bob passed away after collapsing. This was at the same time there was a total eclipse. He was born on the first day of spring on the very first breath with me and passed on a solar eclipse. He did it big.

SInce his passing I have felt his energy many times as the connection is still there with him. A few months later his 22 year old daughter passed away from complications with lupis.

I have had a very difficult time with his passing however my businesses have accelerated and done very well. Though I vowed that I would not develop this, I am going to go against this vow.

I went to see a gypsy and she broke down in tears and asked me to leave because she could not handle it. She would not except a penny. Just asked me to go.

I dont know what to do and maybe there is a class A medium that could walk me through this a bit and possibly go into trance with me? Please be very strong and professional. Not weak. I do not want to feel worse than I already do if someone hurts themself because of this type of energy.

Thank you in advance.


Aussie Lass
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Unread post Fri Oct 19, 2018 2:24 am

Hank, until you find your "A Class Medium" I would suggest you stop thinking of your psychic gifts as "a curse". If at any time you feel something is negative/troubling or uncomfortable, ask your Spirit Guides to come forward & protect you with impenetrable white light. Should you ever feel a negative presence, say firmly, "I proclaim the name of Jesus Christ", and it will leave you.

Spirit often reaches out to us in physical (the trash can lid), and mental (the car accident) ways, and that can be frightening for us mortals. The more you pay attention/listen to that small, quiet voice in your head that you KNOW are not your own thoughts, the more aware you will become. In my opinion, in the beginning of a "spiritual awakening/journey" (regardless of events & years that have elapsed) to gain insight, knowledge and information, it is prudent to seek out sources to help you reach a comprehensive understanding of spirituality. In my experience of similar cases, if you do not wish to explore further and deeper with reading, study, meditation, prayer etc. it often fades into the background and may/may not surface again, or at best, only very occasionally, perhaps to warn or prepare you for something. If you choose to pursue your spirituality, and develop it, then you'll eventually come to a happy place of embracing and understanding it as you travel your own path of exploration, learning and gleaning what feels "right" & truth to you.

Always remember, our departed loved ones hear and feel our every word and thought, although in my personal experience, our OWN loved ones rarely communicate with us regularly or directly, except by allowing us to feel their presence. To me this is about not becoming "bound" to us, and it is a huge help to Spirit when we recover sufficiently from our grief to tell them we're ok and we want them to go on in the light.

An "A Class Medium" MAY be able to speak with your brother, or niece etc. for you but there is never a guarantee, the Universe chooses who comes through and always for the highest good of all concerned at that specific time/reading i.e. it may be a great, great Grandfather comes through to give you guidance. On another day, with another Medium, your twin may come through, but we can never demand or even expect it, only hope for it. I hope you find your truth, Love & Light

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