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Animal Totems for Dae, Joienicole & April

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:31 pm
by Samanthaj
*Cougar * Dolphin

X Strength X Assertiveness X Leadership.
Cougar is guiding you to remind you of the power of leadership and Survival and teaching of Leadership to younger ones. Develop your leadership traits of truthfulness and of making appropriate use of power and energy. You might need to make a great leap into something new. ''Don't forget that true power can be gentle'' - What physical condition are you in , a good leader and apowerful hunter must be in good shape. Cougar reminds you to be aware of what is in your environment. Cougar has come into your life to teach you about power and using of power for self-empowerment to help you face current life struggles. ''Remember a true leader has mastery over himself, and his thoughts and emotions''


(To be Continued)

Re: Animal Totems for Dae, Joienicole & April

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:39 pm
by Samanthaj

X Patience. X Balance X A Weaving of Energy

Discovering Spider signifies that you have learned how to weave your life with beautym strength and precision
You have learned to walk with balance and awareness. But do not be surprised when your alertness and swift actions cause others to fear you

Secondary meaning: You may be being deceived or you may have walked into a trap. It may be a beautiful, attractive proposition in some way, and appears to have no strings attached , when in fact you will have yourself insnared **Any current situation where you can relate to something sounding such a great idea, ''too good to be true?'' -- be wary of agreeing right away, Read the small prints :peace:
Spider reminds you not to give in to irrational fears and fancies. Some spiders have a poisonous bite that can cause paralysis.. don't allow yourself to become paralyzed by fearful situations, instead, use the industry and creativity to break through the binding web of the situation.. Spider reminds you to move with agility


(To be continued)

Re: Animal Totems for Dae, Joienicole & April

Posted: Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:49 pm
by Samanthaj
X Mystery X Illusion

Dragonfly is guiding you and encourages you to see the magic of everyday life. As time is fleeting, make the most of it. It also tells you to be open to positive change
Dragonfly comes to remind you to refine your skills to increase material abundance though reminds you to give thanks to the nature spirits, who help everything to grow and blossom
Dragonfly can also come during times of personal power being held by another person. Are you trapped in illusions created by others' plans or ideas? do you feel pressured by a family member? Dragonfly reminds you not to give your power away. Dragonfly encourages you to be honest with yourself over your emotions, are you 'hiding from yourself'?

Begin again with the magic of life. Create life the way you want it to be, in harmony with the natural world. As Dragonfly dances with light, it remidns you that you are pure light and energy, and can make the dance of life lighter, more colourful and beautiful. Don't stay so earthbound... take flight :thinktank: