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Mon Dec 31, 2018 2:23 am

I would like to see if anybody can recieve a message for me please? Be open and honest. Would be nice to be on the recieving end for once. Many thanks

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Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:08 pm


The first card that was drawn for you is the Eight of Cups.

you are swimming in the depth of your situation around you
the situation is one that has come in too close to home for your liking
you are spinning around not sure which way to go or to turn like you are hesitant
there is confusion in this water, but you are being asked to trust in your senses
so as long as you trust in them, you won't lose yourself or your direction either

you know what's best for you, you have healed yourself within over time
you are asked to disconnect and disentangle from the situations and cords that are hindering you
sometimes it feels like your heart is in your throat, in knowing what to say to certain folks and people around you like a foot in mouth situation, but you are being asked to take a deep breath and just relax
people take on board what's important, what resonates with them

your life hasn't always been an open book; but it is now
as you are challenging and channelling the beings of spirit that are indeed help you move forwards
you do have a decision to make though and that is to let the past go, as past lessons won't be repeated
you have learned them, you are learning more and more each day opening up, taking it a day at a time
but you will get there! 100% Trust in you to see yourself move forwards.

The next card - Six of Cups

Six of cups shows a gathering in a place of where you consider to be safe, this is your motherly instincts coming in here, showing you exactly what is needed and what you are not missing out on anymore, you are in touch with your feminine sense of self and your intuition, you have found the person as to who you are now and who you like to be seen as - yourself - not somebody else - you love yourself for you.

acceptance is a hard challenge to accept who you are rather than change yourself to be someone that you are not, you have learned that in the past that you will not be that person again. you have found that people around you accept you for who you are not because you've accepted yourself flaws and all for who you are.

there is a situation also around you which is more connected to your financial pace of things, you need to collect the odd pennies and save them beecause they will make space for the pounds in your purse, with this i'm gettingthe words of an old whiskey bottle - clean of course - but use them or something tsimilar to collect the pennies and loose change so that you gather the pounds you need to move forwards and to put towards living your dream(s) for yes, you do have dreams..but there are many different kinds of dreams to pay attention to :thumbsup:

Third card is the fool - balance

you are juggling a few things at the moment on your plate, challenges are coming up left right and center, you are feeling a little bit conflicted on your choices, but fear not, because by trusting in your heart, you will make the right decision that is OK for you. trust in your heart's word on this one, it knows best.

the fox totem IS Around you bringing with it agility, swift change and movement, to your horizons, foxes also look at cunning ness of intentions of other people; and empathy based energies that would seek to be considered guiding energy, you are asked also by the universe to do a detox of old guiding energy for whenever you feel drawn to do so, simply make the request that they move on and leave your body from feeling tense and move forwards into the light so that they can be cleansed in love and light. AA Raphael also is a good angel to work with this to disconnect any old emotional ties from your past that need to go and be released!!

Last 3 cards for confirmation:- Strength, Five of Pentacles and Two of Wands

You have ooodles of strength within you, you are one very strong person, this lion totem is also around you bringing you much courage and passion to fill a healing ball of light to surround you in enough love and light to keep you going, you are also being encouraged to ask for a healling boost for whenever your energy feels low and depleted, for surrounding you with much needed love for when you feel sad too. your guide may assist with bringing this through for you on this.

Five of pentacles - the most important thing to watch out for on this card is actually the person who is worrying over things too much and stressing out on the littler problems & issues that have come up as of late that you are still sorting your way through, there is a loved one in spirit around you thinking of you as shown from the butterfly on this card and if you have asked for a sign lately, be mindful that one is coming to you perhaps in the form of a butterfly or a white feather/penny to let you know that this beautiful energy being is around you and listening in/watching the situation. You have grown a lot and done a lot of soul searching over the last couple of years or so, you have found yourself and your team are proud of you and couldn't be anymore happier for you than they already are. Kudos to you :thumbsup: :

Last card - 2 of wands

this card shows that there is a situation where you had a bit of meltdown due to distrust and as I type this message up on youtube - it has just flicked onto Robbie Williams' song Angel. So just know that angels are indeed with you and helping you through the difficult and challenging days. Ask them for assistance when you need it. I also sense there is a bit of a past life cropping up around you too - which is surfacing in your dreams as well, in relation with a fear of drowning.. This is just a gentle reminder that this is significant of embracing changes so that your situation doesn't remain the same. If you are stuck in a rut at the moment with deciding things, decide them but with your own pace and decision, don't rush on making the decisions, consider all factors carefully and plan accordingly. That way your decisions will all fall into place when the time is right. Everything will pan out as it is meant to. This is your reassurance from the universe.

Peace Crystal7

Posts: 50
Joined: Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:59 pm

Mon Dec 31, 2018 10:22 pm

Will pm u soon chick. Sorry late reply but mummy duties call. Thank u from the bottom of my heart for the time took to type this message!. U are one special person whom I was meant to find contact. Will say more in pm. Be in touch soon. A loving soul u are with a beautiful spirit friend x

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Posts: 1014
Joined: Mon Apr 03, 2017 2:32 pm

Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:05 pm

More than welcome and, I'm grateful for the blessing of the connection & friendship in my life too. Thank you for your conversations over time and help for when I needed it too. :welcome: Happy if any of it has helped. The deck I used was the shadowscapes tarot, by the way. A lovely deck with calming energy.

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