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2 find my y...things happen to me...

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 1:58 pm
by RaeAnnJ
Hi my name is Rae Ann I always been drawn to things I can't explain I trying to find out why etc.. can anyone please help me right now I have somethings going on and I am scared Please someone help me ! I don't have anyone to turn to..

Re: 2 find my y...things happen to me...

Posted: Tue May 21, 2019 6:27 pm
by CelticRose
Hey Rae AnnJ.

The first card selected from the deck is the Goddess of the Sacred Path.

You are encouraged to move forwards, to let go of the logical conclusions you have about this situation. Its a mind over matter and listening to your heart letting go of the worries you have in the process scenario.
You are asked to calm and to focus your mind prioritizing time to make concentration and meditation.
To focus on finding your inner peace and harmony and to cease questioning every little sign that comes your way. You know you believe in spirit, you just need to trust implicitly in your friendship and in your higher self to communicate and listen to your own voice as to what needs doing and to be done.

The second card is the Goddess of Knowledge.

You are on a path to a new journey, you are about half way up and your poisoning is in the mid form of the path, you need to start applying what you know to further your field and knowledge in this field, to trust firmly in your intuition and in your heart as to what you really feel and what you want to do in your lifetime now, you are consciously aware of energy, you do not balk or doubt at what you see or hear or feel, this is all a part of the gift. your heart sense of the self is open and your awareness is opening further, you are becoming more grounded and lighter in your energy when you let go of your earthly hesitation and your second thoughts/doubts.

The last card is a masculine card, indicating that changes are indeed happening around you that you are indeed trying to process, thoughts and feelings and desires are indeed being communicated across to you from your higher self's voice, in distinctively you know what's best for you and anything else you can ask to change or process and proceed with at a later date of development, you are learning to work with your shadow self and listening to your own inner desires and abilities. set aside the confusion and learn to trust in the truth as to what's around your heart and lay your ghosted old feelings to rest, you no longer have need of them anymore. move forwards and let go.