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TheRaptureofEnoch Bio

Posted: Sat Sep 30, 2017 6:29 am
by TheRaptureofEnoch

I'm "TheRaptureofEnoch". I've been off and on in this community for around 3-4 years to date. Obviously we all share a common interest. :)

So, I've been very sensitive since birth to many things often not touched by credible scientific studies. Because of this, I've researched (and continue to research) all fields of study to grasp and define what others have attempted to grasp and define.

I have a rather extensive occult research background. However, do not consider me as an occult practitioner. Even stating this, I do not need "magic" to make my will. I am everything and nothing. My will is infinite.

Experiences of "paranormal" have been pretty commonplace. I am also able to project my thoughts and emotions into others quite effortlessly; and have been through enough life experience to have the depth of empathy for most people.

Despite this rather grandiose bio, I'm only writing this to extend my abilities and practices. Talking about myself and giving myself definition is not within my belief system. I am undefined and limited only to my will.

My purpose here is to have common ground with and continue my service to others; and in return provide myself deeper focus to 'self' and the Greater Self that we all connect to.

Light and Love