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Can i get a reading please !

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Unread post Fri Dec 22, 2017 2:10 pm

My Full Name: Mg SaiKumar ** Dob: 26-02-1998.
Topic: 1) About My Current Love. 2) When will i get JOB.

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Greetings Sai Kumar :)

I will be doing a 3-card tarot spread on your past-present-future.

Card 1 - Past - King of Swords

Meaning: Raised upon a strict lifestyle, difficulty making friends early on in school, you were just very to yourself and your work, very good grades. Very open with people despite your harsh experiences with them and your reclusive nature.

Card 2 - Present - Four of Pentacles

Meaning: This is a scary time for you in your life, your often very clingy and standoffish with others when around your mate, I believe your personality would be friendly but uninterested. You keep trying for serious conversation with your partner but it just feels off, like theres a wall there that you cant break through.

Card 3 - Future - The Hermit

Meaning: Your worries and current issues are taking up much of your attention and the doubt you feel will only serve to prevent you from finding work in the near future. Your cautious nature seems to prevent you from taking full charge of any single instance in your life and instead work to handle them all at once but this prevents you from putting all you can into the more difficult tasks. Your love life seems hopeful if handled well, just be helpful and present, deal with what you must and communicate as little and positively as you can.

-Your immediate future is unwritten, you have your purpose in life as do we all but how you get there is your choice. Perception is everything, find your inner peace and be able to see things in life as they truly are without your past struggles weighing on your thoughts and actions-

Your fear of loss seems to be causing your worries and doubts to manifest negatively in your life causing further worry in its cycle. There are many ways to advance yourself here and learn to hold your focus and inner calm. meditation is a great way to start and I definitely recommend it.

If you have any further questions I'm always open :) hope you enjoyed the reading and have a great day.

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