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I have always been interested in the Paranormal but things seem to intensified in the last 15 years as I have had more experiences and developed my abilities.
I have been a member of paranormal teams,but many do not accept the evidence of Mediums which I found to be frustrating as I often had more evidence than they would accept - even though this was verified later by historical accounts.

I have not been reading for others for very long and am relatively new to picture reading but I have developed other abilities over the years that enable me to see and sense things that existed many years in the past - often hundreds of years ago. This reveals a forgotten history of events that add to investigations or reveals more about the spirit of a place, providing a fuller picture to paranormal events when they appear.

I do use Tarot and the Futhark Runes for divination and clarification, but also prefer to use my own abilities to establish a connection and read information for clients.

My Guide has a musical side, and was maybe a writer in a former life. He uses song Lyrics to communicate and the answers I seek are often hidden in the song lyrics. Do not be surprised if I quote a particular song in a reply as it would have come from my guide and will contain information pertinent to the question.


Please remember to leave feedback - even if my reading has no relevance to you and is complete nonsense to you. It could be that I was not fully connected or was unwell or other reasons but you feedback will help me realise when I am connected properly or when it is not right. I am learning too so every piece of feedback helps me - even when it shows I am wrong.

Rules of the site

Please stick to the rules and conditions of the site when requesting a reading. For my part I will try and do the same. Please contact site staff if you have any questions or comments regarding this.
Thank you.

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