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My name is Nacy Anne from the Philippines. I am 32 years old and I had psychic dreams when I was a child about my future but I can only remember the dreams as the events is my life happens.

In my dreams there were 5 doors as if signifying the stages of my life. I also had dreams of speaking with the divine Almighty asking for guidance and forgiveness.

I need your guidance as to how to interpret dreams too.

Thank you very much!

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I think that you are still having dreams, just having difficulty with dream recall. Here are a couple suggestions:

*Have you ever used crystals before? There are two that i am thinking of specificly that may help. (They also happend to be very inexpensive stones which is also a plus)
1. Amethyst A crown chakra crystal (7th chakra) that brings a connection to higher divinity. This stone is supposed to be useful for dream recall. It also is supposed to promote peaceful sleep and serenity, deepen meditations and will aid in insomnia.
2. Clear Quartz Amplifying Dreams works on All seven chakras. Clear quartz is an amplifier. It is especially beneficial for use in dream work to amplify the vividity of your dreams and the recollection of your dreams upon awakening.

When I want to connect with dreams, i put these stones under my pillow and say a prayer before bed asking that the message come to me in my dream in a clear and unmistakable way. Whenever i ask for a sign, i kind of joke and say "spirit guide, you know how i am.....just throw it at me like a bag of bricks so i don't miss your message".

The other thing that i would suggest: keep a dream journal. i know that it sounds like a waste of time, but when you wake up, before you even get out of bed, write anything you remember from your dreams immediately. In your case, you are not remembering your dreams, so write down the first thing on your mind as you opened your eyes, how you feel, emotions you are experiencing, good or bad mood, stupid words or sentences that are running through your head that seem to be totally insignificant (or song you wake up with in your head). If you don't remember dreaming , just lay in bed for a couple minutes and just experience what is happening inside and around you and write it down. When you go back and look at previous entries, you may see a pattern that makes sense to you.

As for the interpretation of your dreams.....I am a firm believer that you are the best equipped to do that. your dreams have specific meaning to you based on your experiences. someone with the same dream could interpret a dream so differently based on the experiences they have had in their own lifetime.

You say that you only remember the dream (which you had as a child) when the event happens.....are you sure that it is a dream that you are remembering? Maybe you are communicating with your higher self? Maybe when you think that you are remembering a childhood dream, it is actually your higher self or spirit guide giving you validation that you are on the right track (or opened the correct door for the situation at hand). You said that you believe that the 5 doors are 5 stages of your life. What if they also represent the major decisions you come across in life? We have free will, but our guides want us to do what is best. I feel like when someone has a direct line to the Divine (I call him God), they are on their last life, and their soul is "well educated", for lack of better words. If you are receiving guidance directly from God, then i have no doubt that you are opening the doors that you should be opening in life.

I wish you the best, peace, love , and happiness.
Sending Peace, Love, and Light

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