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Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:21 pm
by Kohl85
Hey CelticRose! Would love a read from you some day. People have nothing but good things to say it seems! :)

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:48 pm
by Esteban
Wow that is alot to digest Celtic Rose lol. Thank you very much for a read I was not expecting for at least a week or two. I like that you can see my aura. I researched it and am curious if you could see what shade of pink my aura is. My aura color accurately describes me. I have been called a big teddy bear for as long as I can remember.

I will now add clarity to what you have read by providing details of my background. I was born and raised in Rochester, NY(an hour drive east of Buffalo). I was a serious nerd growing up who was interested in art and science. My nature was passive and easy going. It was then that I decided my calling was to be an engineer due to my fascination with aircraft and machinery. I went straight to college after graduating highschool, but was unfocused and consequently unsuccessful. Something was missing. I decided to find myself by joining thr Army. A few months before joining the Army I met a woman online with whom I became very emotionally involved with. She was going through a divorce from an abusive marriage, and I never felt comfortable and desired by girls growing up. She fell in love with who I was and we promised to meet in person one day. I left home to start a new life.

I completed my training and only heard from her on occassion. She was going through tough times with the divorce. I was having a tough time adjusting to military life and the harsh reality that it was not something I wanted to make a career of. When I finally met her in person she was dating someone. It didn't stop me from visiting her and we found out we had real chemistry and feelings for each other. Her boyfriend was abusive and became moreso after my visits when it was all too obvious that there were serious feelings between me and his girlfriend. She never turned me away whenever I would visit. My first car was totalled in an accident going to see her after first learning her boyfriend was being abusive. I got in trouble because I was not authorized to travel such a far distance(an 8 hour drive from Fort Hood Texas to Roswell New Mexico). I pleaded with her(one time bawling with tears) to leave him and that I would treat her much better. She was emotionally torn and confused.

I was then stationed in South Korea for a year long assignment. I kept in touch with her and even sent money when she needed it. When I was informed that she broke up with her boyfriend and moved to El Paso, I saw my chance. I submitted a request for leave around her birthday and bought a ticket to fly to her. I bought gifts and an engagement ring to show her I was serious about her and I. In the months leading up to my arrival contact with had all but ceased. My mind was made up to go through with the visit *warning to any empaths reading this. What follows is heartbreaking and will draw tears. I find it difficult to even write about without tears forming* No one was there to greet me at the airport. After a few hours I called her mother who lived there. Her gave me the thr heartbreaking news that her daughter got back with her boyfriend and was now living on the streets. I checked into a hotel and cried myself asleep that night. Using email I got in touch with her(she would go to a library for access) I sent her an angry email or two that I apologized for right after sending them. I visited with her at a church on her birthday, and a few times under a highway overpass that she called her home. The day before I flew out I found out that she figured out I came to propose. I told her I would always love her and left.

A month later I started talking to another woman eho lived in Texas online. We had instant chemistry like we knew each other before. She was single and raising two daughters. We got along well despite the early difficulties of distance since I wad finishing out my Army contract. We married a year and a half later and have been a couple ever since. Most of her family and friends did not agree with us being together. We relocated to my hometown live in a house I grew up in. I returned to school shortly after hearing my father's final words urging me to complete my degree. A nearly two year hiatus followed to work full time. We then relocated to Houston, Texas where I resumed my schooling. Here I reconnected on Facebook with the woman who broke my heart. She sent a very heartfelt apology and told me I was one of the most important people in her life.

We relocated to Beaumont Texas(right by my wife's hometown) after I was accepted into the mechanical engineering program at Lamar University. After three years of toiling, I finally graduated with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering! Better times seemed to be ahead, but no one would hire me. I ended up begrudgingly working at Lowe's while still applying for jobs but never getting an offer. I was laid off a year later and we had to move or face eviction. We packed all we could fit into our car and drove all the way to Lewiston Maine to stay with my wife's childhood friend. A few weeks before, I was flown to New Hampshire for a job interview. When we got there everything fell apart almost immediately. The company that interviewed me decided not to pursue me further. My wife had a nasty falling out with her friend over gossip regarding our youngest daughter. The icing on the cake was a notice to vacate from the sheriff. The house we were paying rent to stay in was under foreclosure for nearly two years. We packed everything up and drove to Houston to stay with my sister in law.

Living with my sister in law was a terrible experience. She is mean, self centered, money obsessed. Her husband openly admitted to being a racist. We all eventually moved out and never looked back. Then hurricane Harvey hit. Our luck has not been the best but we lucked out because we experienced no flooding from Harvey where we lived.

Everything you read speaks to me. I am still waiting to be given a chance as an engineer over two years after graduating. I just recently interviewed for a job only to be told thanks but no thanks. I wish I knew why I was being made to wait after working so hard to earn my degree. I am seriously considering returning to school next year to pursue my Masters degree. It seems my bachelor degree is just not enough. I am so frustrated and fight feelings of hopelessness and dejection. I promised my wife would earn enough money so we would never have to worry about struggling to make it. I want for us to live very comfortably finacially, but am very frustrated with always being looked over. I will be 40 years old soon and no longer want to struggle. I yearn for a new beginning full of prosperity.

I will do all that I can to achieve my goals. I am much wiser than that scared and naive 21 year old leaving for the Army in search of love and self. It pleases me that you see better for me up the road and I welcome it. I have toiled for so long and believe I have paid my dues. This is why you pick up the stress. I also really need to think about that name you have me because it doesn't ring a bell.

You and I are singlehandedly going to break this forum with the responses we leave Celtic Rose lol

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Mon Sep 04, 2017 7:05 am
by CelticRose
Wow wow Esteban- Longest feedback to read ever, but very glad that the reading has helped in more ways than one. Go forward into your new beginning/new chapter hon because its definitely there waiting for you but you just need to find your direction first before you are flying forward. I didn't pick up anymore sorrow though. I just picked up that this will be a learning curveball experience for you in regards to your spiritual path/learning and finding out why you are here in this forum in the present. You will find more new friendships coming up out of the ether though from this outlet. Love going out to you on that in hope you find encouragement from this read to do the things you want to do later on in life and in the now. Really hope it didn't come out as too rushed either on that one, I did take my time to tune in but think meditation may help to enhance it more so will try that in future. all the best, CR x]

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 8:42 pm
by kulapog06

Thank you so much for giving me the reading i was really greatful :=)
everything you said was true and i'm experiencing them all. i was just suprise that you even see throught my dreams
well explained specially that you mention that man who always help me in my nightmare pulling me out in the dark and do save my life wow.what else can i say.

you really are awesome Ms.CelticRose hope that you can help more people and lead them to the correct path.

may god bless you alway's
love lots kula

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 12:33 pm
by CelticRose
hugs kulapog, happy if it has helped. He is definitely a guiding light around you and it is as clear as anything that he is around and helping you. It may be an idea to ask him to help you with meditation also and using the meditation that crackersisback introduced you to the other night - keep going with it because rome wasn't built in a day and yes it takes time to focus as its not an instant fix on focusing. Keep practicing that because it will come in time - the more you become used to the meditation - the more focusing will be held within that meditation. Happy if the read has helped. Ty for opportunity to work with you and your energy.

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:42 pm
by blackswan237
Hi Celtic

Thank you for the read hun. Knowing that aunt's spirit is around to help & guide makes me happy. I was sad that I didn't get to talk to her before her passing. It's the shock of her passing suddenly is that we couldn't take. I'm happy to know she's at peace and happy where she is. The mumber 56 meant she was of the age of 56 at her paasing. 26th July maybe the Mumbai floods of 2005. But can't be sure if there's anything else she was wanting to convey. She knows I've been struggling and didn't want me to worry about smaller things. Aww.. she's such a lovely soul. She had so much love & compassion for people.. the most loving mother & human being.

Thank you for the reading Celtic. Means a lot to me. Bless u hun.


Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:54 pm
by CelticRose
Glad spirit's message has helped you blackswan237. Healing Hugs going out to you.
Peace & Blessings, CR

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:43 pm
by CelticRose
Kohl85 wrote:
Sat Sep 02, 2017 4:21 pm
Hey CelticRose! Would love a read from you some day. People have nothing but good things to say it seems! :)
Have seen this and have not forgotten the request. Just to acknowledge that I've seen this.

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 7:52 pm
by Kohl85
No worries at all! Just more of a statement, really! I haven't been here long enough to request a reading, but if you ever see me around and felt drawn to do a reading on me, I would love it. You're really thorough and give so much information. I'm always eager to learn new information. Thanks for the reply, and take care.

Re: CelticRose's bio

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 3:23 pm
by dragoneyez
First of all I would thank you so much for doing a reading on my picture. It helped a great deal to realize exactly my own thoughts and where I am in life. You where spot on regarding the snowing pictures you saw as we ski together as family but the last time was awhile ago and this holiday in Wales reminded me of exactly on another holiday I have been on. Also we had a large fire place at home with items lined up as you described most were glass and some was colored glass items. The reading was of very good length and must say your spent some time on it so thankyou so much. I do also have future plans and this has put my mind at rest to believe in myself too. I would say you may have been off regarding someone passing recently as the only family that has past was about 10 years ago.But then you was spot on regarding the arts and love of documentary's I watch at least one a day I'm that addicted also I did used to have a expensive digital camera that I lost traveling once and I used to love taking photos on that. Thank you once again and enjoy your day!