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Hello, I have had some rather odd instances that are becoming more and more frequent.
I have always had premonitions and deja vu that have come true. My only true area of concern with this is, why does it happen?
Another common situation is the seeing of other things. I catch glimpses of them every now and then. I recall one incident in which I had a friend that went dark. I stopped visiting and talking to her because her home was oppressive and very negative. And I got creeped out by the eye I saw on her wall. I have seen shadow figures and people. Two times I have seen small people flying above me, the weird part was they had wings and came in colors the first was yellow and the second was green almost like fairies.
I recently keep having these reoccurring situations where I am asleep I think. I will find myself in a family's home and once at a crash site. One situation was where a couples' daughter was being attacked by evil and was being affected health wise. I remember my energy forcing it out of her body and telling it that it cannot and will not stay there and to leave. Then I prayed for her. Then I was heading back to my body and as I was laying down something came into my room and hovered over me. I was startled awake, as I woke up I watched a bluish white face of a man leave, as he was leaving I saw his body follow. The other situation was where a guy just recently got into a bad car crash. As the firefighters worked to stabilize him until an emt got there, I prayed for him.
What is this? Just extremely realistic dreams or is it astral projecting?
Another weird thing is that I will be in an extremely relaxed mindset and then I find myself seeing people I have never seen before and hearing them speak. Almost like I am intruding.
One was when I saw a guy and girl arguing. The guy had a odd almost like a weird mandala. As soon as I was there, they realized I was and had addressed me which startled me back to my normal self.
I recently had seen a woman with a strong tie to her family culture, she was a psychic, doing a tarot reading. I heard her say a phrase that I couldn't repeat nor pronounce back, despite having done so after she said once I was back to my own mind. She had said that something was going to happen soon in my life, kind of like a heads up.
Has anyone else had similar events happen?
I have known for quite a few years now that I have premonitions, am an empath, and am capable of seeing and hearing things that are more spiritual. My question is what is everyone else's experience? How do you know that you are astral projecting? Why is it happening?

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I don't know if you are still on this forum. I recently joined and am reading as I get time. I have had similar experiences, more when I was a child. I thought they were dreams but sometimes what I saw must have been astral travel because I knew things that there was no way physically to know. When I am relaxed and falling asleep I often "hear" conversations that I have no context for. Recently, I woke up because someone said, "I know what you did. I KNOW what you did." I could not get any context and I am not sure it had anything to do with me. When I was a teenager I purposely practiced astral travel. I knew how to do it, but I don't know why or how I knew. After some things that happened in my 20's I do not purposely do that anymore. I hear myself think "that's not why I'm here". So, I don't get into the "psychic" stuff much any more. I used to hang out with a lot of psychics and then started meeting artists and that's who I hang out with now. Much less drama with the artists. Anyway, I joined this board because I am still interested in non-physical reality and how people interpret it and I also feel I have some wisdom to share when someone is interested.

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