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Spiritual attack from lower entities

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Unread post Sat Jan 05, 2019 3:23 am

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the right section, the forum has changed since I last was a member years ago.

I am frequently suffering spiritual attacks. Myself, and a psychic friend, have tried everything we know of to try to stop it, but we cannot. My feet seem to be the entry point, sharp pains in toes and parts of my feet followed by a vile prickling that goes through my body and often leads to head pain, and more often than not sharp throbbing pain on the left side of my rib cage beneath my armpit, currently the right side is suffering which is less common. My psychic friend removes huge amounts of negative energy from the affected area and the pain disappears. However, it is all done again and pain comes back.

Constant noises in my house, and the latest assault is centred on preventing me sleeping. From tapping and other noises in the bedroom, to energy being aimed at me, flowing through my head, and shortly afterwards I am wide awake and unable to sleep despite now being very sleep deprived and feeling unwell.

I have been trying to tackle this for years but it has worsened. A well-known (amongst the community) person who helps with demons and dark energies has been unable to stop this either. He is frequently recommended to me, but despite contact over the years, he hasn’t been able to.

So, I need to learn more about how it is done and what I need to do to stop this before it does me in. I work full time and each day in work is a struggle; I am constantly tired and attacked throughout the day at work as well as at home. Sometimes it leaves me shaking and afraid I’m going to collapse.

I am reaching out for any help anyone can give me please. If you don’t believe in demons, lower entities, etc., that really is fine, but please don’t chip in with your views. I need to know why my feet seem to be the main point of entry for negative energy, and what I can do to protect myself better. All the usual: light, barriers, shields, etc., are not working at all. It has even spilled into my partner’s life since she met me. She now also suffers attacks, has suffered terrible bad luck, and is suffering greatly too, whilst feeling awful for not knowing how to help me.

We are aware that trauma I have suffered is being used as a way in. I have suffered a lot in my life. But we don’t know why the feet. We were successfully going through the trauma I’ve been through and releasing the pent-up negative emotions in me which are clearly a way in, but that suddenly stopped working. My throat tightens to the point I gag, and no emotion flows. Something has been done to me to stop that method working.

I have tried no end of throat chakra clearings, meditations, had my throat chakra worked on by my psychic friend, etc., but it isn’t helping. I used to have abilities of my own but they seem to have been impeded too. Even down to strong feelings, intuition, etc. It’s as though it’s been switched off, leaving me completely clueless as to what to do.

I know there are people who are very knowledgable about lower entities and their attacks, some who have even used their abilities for dark purposes until they chose to change and use them for good. I am imploring you to share your knowledge with me. This is having a very detrimental effect on me and it is worsening.

My psychic friend independently saw something which I also saw during a very rare moment where my abilities seemed to work very briefly: we both perceived a dark ‘second skin’ surrounding my body, close to my real skin. We think this is a way in and we also think it is this dark skin which is responsible for the evil feeling crawling and prickling sensation I feel when I have the sudden sharp pains in my toes/feet. However, we have no idea what the skin is or how it got there, or how to remove it.

Thank you for any advice or knowledge you can give.

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Unread post Sun Jan 06, 2019 4:02 pm

This is an alarming read. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

I don't have a ton of experience, but I felt an intuitive tug as I read through your account, so I feel I need to reply with what I do know and what I'm picking up.

A few questions:

1) Have you ruled out medical issues?
2) Do you have any history with calling on outside entities for aid?
3) Do you perceive your feet as a weak point or are your feet a source of trauma for you?

I've experienced a few major attacks I've attributed to some outside entity, and occasionally I do get a minor attack here and there. But, these have been brief and quickly warded off. Here's what I've experienced. Some of the things you're experiencing are familiar.

I remember getting sleep paralysis when I was little - these are some of my first memories. I'd be unable to get to sleep because I'd hear banging or knocking in my room. My parents witnessed this and have confirmed. I had sliding closet doors and these would bang and shake. My parents would hear it too. They even removed my closet doors, but this didn't help the insomnia or stop the other sounds. My mom remembers I started talking to two imaginary friends around this time (though she suspects they were helpful entities that helped with this problem). One was Nicholas and the other was Michael. I do not remember this (I would have been between 3 and 5 during this time). But, I do remember the insomnia, the closet doors violently banging, and hearing knocking. I also remember waking up in the middle of the night and seeing a monstrous face staring at me, like something was kneeling next to my bed peering at me. I couldn't move and I couldn't scream. It is possible this was a dream, but based on later experiences I don't believe it was. I've had similar sleep paralysis "Oh, look, something scary in my room" experiences since then (I actually had one about a week ago).

More recently I had two major attacks. Both times I used prayer and holy objects and received aid from outside entities. I've been told by a few people here and a friend in real life that the key is your own will and objects you use are just the tools that help you channel it. Take that as you will. I'm just telling you what worked for me when typical grounding, shielding, and clearing didn't work. The first time I grabbed a rosary and started saying every prayer I could remember plus a few of my own for good measure. The second time I used the rosary, a Bible, sea salt, and white candles to set up a circle in the area I believed was the entry point for this entity into my house. I meditated to clear my mind and said all the prayers I could remember, a few I looked up, then firmly stated I wanted any ill-intentioned energy in the house gone. I hung the rosary on the mirror I think created the way in for this thing and left it there overnight. In both instances as soon as I said my prayers the violent thing went away.

I don't know if you've tried prayer, or if it's maybe not your thing. It wasn't mine either until something happened and it's just what my intuition pulled me toward when I meditated on what to do. Some people here advised against calling on any outside entity for help, regardless of how "light" it is, but I didn't feel I could handle these attacks without assistance and I felt comfortable calling on angels for help. In one situation the attack happened over the course of several months much like what you're experiencing where I was having horrific nightmares, not sleeping, things were moving or getting thrown around the house and my office at work. At the time, I didn't recognize this as an attack until it got really bad and by then I was very weak and sick. I'd gotten worn down and "depleted" according to my doctor, which made me more vulnerable to illness. The more recent situation I recognized quickly when my cats were scared for no apparent reason and things got thrown around when I asked the thing to please stop scaring my cats. When I told it firmly to leave I received several physical scratches on my body (one of which I have a photo of, but it's in a risque body location so I haven't posted it). This was the one I did the more detailed clearing with where I used the salt and candles.

I do on occasion have what I call a "minor" attack. This is usually a nightmare that's different than a typical nightmare because when I wake up from it I feel something holding onto me and see/hear it sit on or get up from my bed. These usually occur when I've been worn down by stress, insomnia (unrelated to any attack), and/or illness. I actually had it happen last night/this morning. I got a dreamcatcher I'm not sure is helping (but I figured it can't hurt) and I have a humidifier I run in the winter. My mom advised me to put salt in it since salt seemed to work before to clear out stuff.

I'm not sure what triggered these attacks in the first place. Our best guess is it was something to do with the duplex we lived in when I was little, and/or our neighbors. As I said, I've experienced them since I was too young to remember, so it's not like I performed some ritual and summoned a thing. It just showed up (or more likely was already present and we just happened to move into its territory or whatever). I've always been receptive and sensitive to things, so maybe that's why I was targeted. I do know if I become active in trying to use my gifts it tends to draw this thing or these things out (I don't know if it's the same entity every time - I haven't asked). Likely due to incomplete or inproper shielding on my part. I haven't quite mastered it yet, clearly. Particularly in the winter when I have seasonal depression I have trouble shutting things out.

I hope this is helpful. At the very least, know you're not alone.
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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Unread post Sun Jan 27, 2019 1:21 am

Hi ColeWayne,

Thank you for replying. I think what is more alarming is the lack of responses, it highlights that it is a niche area and not many seem to know much about it, yet I believe it is far more common that nearly all people realise. It is a shame that this method of communication makes it hard to give necessary detail, as to give the fullest picture I would need to give huge amounts of information that begins from childhood right up to the present day, including all the very many spiritual experiences I have gone through, and what I have learnt.

The questions you asked first:

1. My god yes. I now have medical notes that must fill pages. I have seen doctors galore, including specialists. They have never been able to find a physical cause for any symptoms I have described. I am apparently healthy. I think the only thing that has been achieved by so many visits to the doctors is the probable label of hypochondriac

2. Yes, although it is a very long and complicated story involving my ex-wife, I was tricked into believing entities around her with which she could communicate (and would speak through her to me) were of the light. They were not. Fldragon, who you may have heard of, confirmed that and tried to help years ago. Believing they were of the light, I did ask for aid many times and allowed myself to be open to them. We divorced over six years ago. I do not call upon any entities now; I have learnt that lower entities are closer to this plane than higher ones, and so most so-called guides and beings of light are lower entities masquerading. The warning in the bible was misinterpreted but true, not because psychics are in any way bad or evil, but because even they cannot be sure who or what is speaking to them. I have been tricked many times.

3. No, I don’t perceive my feet as a weak spot as such. They do suffer from 5 days a week being in leather steel-toe work boots, and I have had many problems with them in the past, too. Some attacks do not cause pain in my feet, sometimes the sharp pains can be on my limbs or torso, the side of my head like a spike going into my head, or my eyeballs, and they are always immediately followed by that evil prickling around my head, giddiness, feeling weak suddenly, and often extreme fatigue. I can feel the energy inside my head when it happens, very hard to describe as there is no other feeling like it, but I have always been able to feel energy, around me and inside me. I have always been sensitive, and when a child, I would hear things others couldn’t. It was horrendous growing up, in constant fear. Footsteps, doors banging, drawers opening and closing in the middle of the night, and no one else could hear it, except for my mum who heard one of the events.

Incidentally, not all of the entities communicating with my ex-wife claimed to be good. We were constantly attacked by an entity that identified itself as the devil. The only thing I knew for sure was that the entity was powerful, capable of causing injuries to appear on our bodies without visible contact, making various things happen around us and to us, and my ex-wife had abilities that went beyond anything I have ever seen or heard of before or since, abilities beyond anything a psychic possesses.

Your torment during childhood sounds similar to my own, except I had no help, no one believed me. I suffered alone and confused and scared. I had my mind taken elsewhere when lying in bed sometimes, somewhere dark with strange squeaking sounds around me, like rats, then I’d return to my body heart pounding. I also had something slide over my bed across my torso, and a strange noise at my bedroom door which made my cat, who was sleeping on my pillow, stare at the door in fright for a long time. The noise was similar to when a horse snorts.

I have tried over the years asking for help from above. From the light. From guides. From god. There has never been any. I continue to be alone in this. However, I now have a new partner of 3 years who went through similar experiences when a child, similar attacks in adulthood, and is with me throughout all of this. She has abilities that would cause her to be called ‘psychic’. She is suffering terribly as well. She has been deceived by lower entities while trying to help me. She is having lots of bad luck, too. Her life has become even worse since she and I got together. She has had the same entity claiming to be the devil try to communicate with her, too. All she knows is that the entity, whoever it is, is very powerful and has a major problem with me. My abilities have weakened since I was a child, and more so since I got with my ex-wife. They have been inhibited somehow. We do not fully know why we receive no help from higher entities.

We have tried prayer, objects, candles, etc., nothing has helped. The attacks, the bad luck, the trouble within families, and the way we can be influenced has not changed.

In the past I have had a burn and several scratches suddenly appear. The burn, funnily enough, was on my foot. That was a decade or more ago. Fldragon can help to an extent, he has recently cleared my house and the noises have stopped (clicks, thuds, dragging sounds, footsteps, tapping sounds, scratches on my pillow as I try to sleep, etc.) and he has helped in the past, but he has never been able to stop the attacks on me, and the improvements he makes like stopping the noises in the house, don’t last for long.

The only thing I can tell you (corroborated by the person above) is that there really is a war going on. The lower entities are fighting the higher ones, trying to take this earth fully. All humans of the light are suffering on earth at this time. There is a lot of negativity on and around earth.

Those with wealth and power are naturally targets of lower entities because of their power, and these people are actively darkening the earth more. The wars, the suffering, it is all releasing negative energy. Each individual creates and releases negative energy when hurt, unhappy, upset, stressed, worried, suffering, etc., and this adds to the negative energy in the atmosphere. That then helps negative things to happen, bad luck increases, entities are empowered on this plane as it contains the energy they require, it becomes easier for them to be on this plane, easier to get into people, easier to attach to people and manipulate their thoughts, and so their poison spreads more and more readily and easily.

This is the simple reason we are more likely to be attacked when low or unwell. It is either less light inside us, or more negative energy inside us, depending on what is happening. Either way, we become more vulnerable. And the tragedy is that the more we feel low and unhappy, the easier it is to harm us, which increases our negative feelings, which in turn leaves us more vulnerable, and so on.

And, of course, this is happening to everyone, not only those who are spiritually aware and tuned in, and thus able to feel what is happening. Most people will attribute their anger outbursts to stress, or some other potential cause. Their bad luck to probability. Their hateful or negative thoughts to some cause or other. They will not see the hordes of lower entities that walk amongst us, toying with them, making them unhappy, sometimes destroying their lives. I can tell you one thing I do know: there are as many lower entities on this earth as there are human beings, if not more. There are many ‘species’. They exist in a different dimension to us - or plane if you prefer - and are varied, just as forms of life here are varied.

Sadly, many psychics are unaware of lower entities, some vehemently denying their existence. How well they have infiltrated and hidden themselves, as well as spoken to psychics behind the guise of a light being or deceased relative, and told them lies, or often a mixture of truth and lies, to deceive them. So many psychics’ guides are not of the light, nor are they really guides. Real guides exist but are often unable to get close to their ward because of the proximity of lower entities which can get closer more easily and with more energy due to their plane being much closer to the earth plane than the plane of light and higher vibrations. Thus many psychics believe untruths, although it is not their fault at all.

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Unread post Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:08 am

It's difficult to know who or what we're dealing with when we deal with other beings. All I can go on is my intuition. Whenever I've felt something was a little off I've been right in that feeling.

This current protective entity I'm dealing with has, so far, gotten rid of the malicious one(s) every time I've been desperate enough to call on him. My cats like him a lot and interact with him. I haven't made any bargains with him other than asking for help, then thanking him. He hasn't asked me to do anything or pushed me to do anything. He's very respectful of my personal space and my privacy. And he's been around a while. I'd have to go back in my threads to see how long. He does seem to genuinely want me to grow in my abilities and to energetically move away from the negative. Anything deceptive has always lost patience quickly and tried to get me to either let it closer, promise something, or to take me to a more negative place. Based on all that, I think this thing I'm dealing with now is of the light. I do have my boundaries and rules for myself (don't promise outside entities anything, don't make bargains, make and keep boundaries, if it asks for something from you something's wrong, if it doesn't respect your requests/boundaries something's wrong, if it tries to scare you something's wrong, if the animals don't like it something's wrong). I think these rules help me logically determine if something coming through to me is malicious or deceptive. Because sometimes when you're in the grip of these things you can't clearly accept what they are. Kind of like being in a bad relationship (But I love them! They can't be bad).

I know what you mean about having to relay a ton of information in order to outline the entirety of your experience. Many of mine are on this forum or the archived one, luckily.

I'm not sure how much help I can be, as I'm just kind of doing trial and error myself. But, I can be a sounding board at least.
"Passion. It lies in all of us. And though unwanted, unbidden, it will stir, open its jaws, and howl."

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Unread post Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:17 pm

I be leave a lot of what you say is true I was attacked by a neg I remember going to bed I'd just laid my head on the pillow when it suddenly went pitch black and it was like a hand had grabbed the back end of the inside of my brain like you I have psychic abilities I felt drained and ordinary next day I was born a natural clairsentient or clairvoyant if you like with empath thrown in it was probably not as bad as your attacks but mine started in the pram when I was just old enough to pull my self up in my pram two month after the last attack I had something briefly visit me but I could not understand a word it was saying. Have you tried crystals these can have protective properties and have you tried increasing your vibration they hate that try telling you love them but keep the feeling in your heart also if you inhabited by one of these neg try putting the holly cross on your body remember it wants to keep you in a lower vibration so keep you vibration high. I think many years ago I was inhabited by one of these things but I refused to let it take over my personality one morning I woke and I actually felt something leave me like you said they can attach to you like a keep on fighting be your own personal warrior in shining armour that shines brighter then the Sun
Good luck

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