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Four Archangels

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Unread post Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:04 pm

Hi I recently started developing my psychic skills. I started meditating. I have meditated for 3 days in a row. Day 1 I had a portal open to Heaven from a violet blue light and a golden light from it manifested as a friend who is an Angel of the Lord. Day2 I sat with my friend and another angel manifested golden haired and armored with powerful wings and a red sash he came and knelt with his sword offering his protection. I was looking at pictures of angels and archangel Michael was pictured every time looking just like the angel who I met. Day 3 today I met three other angels male who knelt with their swords offering their services the first one had short brown hair and silver armor and a purple sash the second one had curly hair and a blue sash and the third had long hair and a green sash. I googled the other 3 archangels I’d heard of and guess what Uriel has a purple sash and looked in images like the first one and Gabriel has a blue sash and he is shown with curly hair in some images and Raphael has a green sash and long hair. So I don’t know what to make of this. Why would 4 archangels kneel before me like knights with their swords and offer their protection and services? Why would this be what I see as soon as I begin having visions after meeting my good friend who is an angel of the Lord? Can anyone interpret the meaning of this? :help:

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Accept their protection. Not everyone has the ability to protect themselves from other worldly beings. God is very much real, however the point of heaven is actually a safe haven for those of us that would not survive without the help of others. Having such high ranking angels offering their services means your important to them and they want to be sure you're safe.

Another possibility are shape shifters meant to mislead you. Further meditation will help you realise which is true. However, portals don't just open Willy nilly, so I'd bet they are who they say they are. Only those strong enough can keep a portal open long enough to transfer through it.

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Dear Wolfxfriend,
Thank you for the reply. I have the portal still open. I unfortunately went to the gym and had a bunch of toxins get released into my blood stream that went straight to my brain and I wasn’t able to meditate yesterday because of that. It made me crazy. Your response was kind. I hope that those beings were indeed archangels and not shapeshifters. I think by their wings they were real and their faces were true to the images and paintings on google. And the colors of their sashes. I think shapeshifters would have spoken to me and tried to mislead me that way. I am coming out of a very traumatic time and I hope they were simply offering peace and protection. I could also use some healing. Well, a lot of healing. Thanks for the reply!

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